questions about micropropagation

springlongOctober 30, 2006

(i posted a similar but briefer query on the 'propagation' forum)


to all or any practitioners of micropropagation:

How crucial is microprogation in gaining a production advantage over 'traditional' growers? I suppose this varies between different plant groups, so do you know of any particulars?

What micropropagation textbooks did you find most helpful? Do you know of any short courses on micropropagation in the UK or elsewhere (in case I must fulfil prerequisites - I'm a bio phd with extensive sterile culture experience)?

Are there any general use plant tissue culture media that can be formulated from easy-to-obtain ingredients? And to what extent are species-specific protocols openly published (e.g. in the Journal of MP) versus being kept closely guarded trade secrets?

hmm... I could keep typing questions on this newly engrossing subject all night... anyone want to be my micropropagation mentor?

any info greatly appreciated, thanks

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fredt7(GA 7/8)

My only experience with micropropagation is a one-day course I took last month. The lady who gave the instruction has a web site where she sells supplies:
I'll also add a link to a site that lists several other suppliers.
There are discussion groups you can join. Unfortunately, this site won't let me mention the one I belong to, but if you'll email me directly I'll give you that address.
Hope this helps; good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Suppliers

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