Raspberry propagation from shoots

nkessler0709June 12, 2011

Hello! I was allowed to take some shoots growing up outside of the rows from a farm, but it was spur of the moment, and no shovel...figured it couldn't hurt to try to pull it! I have read around the internet, but havn't found a lot specifically on raspberries, or how to deal with the shoots. I ended up pulling a few off at the root, a couple above the root, and one shoot that had been cut down with a little shoot coming up...and the thick root system of the old cane came up with it. I have rooting hormone, but never used it before.

Most of the shoots are good, but a couple's leaves started to dry out. Could I still use them?

The ones that broke off the root, should I not cut the bottom? I would think the tissue from the root would create better roots. And if so, how much of the top should I cut off, if any? They are about 10 inches.

The ones that broke off higher up (without root tissue), how should I prepare them? And the one with the root system intact, should I just plant it as is? It was out of soil for about 2 hours.

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1)with no roots....reduce size to 2-6 inches remove all leaves except 1 at tip. apply rooting hormone, stick in well drained soil & mist.
2) with roots... plant asap at same depth in as in field keep soil damp not wet & mist mist foilage for 1-2 days,
3)those leaves drying out ...if at trip of shoot...remove and treat as above

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Were the plants that you got from a recently planted crop, from an old established site, or from a patch of wild raspberries? The reason I ask is because if they were wild or from an older site, you might be much better off ditching them and starting with new virus-indexed plants.

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