Fine tuning a Hothouse

NewWorldBonsai(9b)June 25, 2013

I've got a decent size propagation greenhouse that is finally up and running well after I got my water cleaned up from the well. I'm looking for any Florida specific information or possible places to call and get some detailed information on how to maximize my set up.

Here is the tricky part, I want to propagate a wide range of things. I.e. Juniper, Maple, lots of woody ornamental, tropicals, etc...

Main information I need:

ideal temperature
air flow
water particle size

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Find a day/night temp range thats easy to maintaine
Each of the species has a different ideal temp, humidity soil moisture air flow & water range... you must divide the house into different zones & use plants sutible for that zone & take steps to adjust soil temp (By using a heat mat) humidity (By misting) soil moisture by changing watering methods etc...
Need to KNOW the specific requirements of each plant you are propagating...then procede.

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