trinidad douglah

scorpion_john(6)July 23, 2012

couldn't resist the temptation. Picked one this past weekend even thought they were green. Loved them

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Thanks, next we expect to see a video with you eating a ripe one whole. What do you plan on using them for? A pic would be nice too.

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hab, i don't know about that one, bet they will be pretty hot ripe. Right now they are just a little hotter than a habanero but with great flavor, but u can bet i'm gonna try eatting them lol. I'm working on the pics, haven't had time to mess with photobucket yet, been working 80 hour weeks lately

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I just noticed my first Douglah fruit is turning brown, I only have 2 on my plant right now.

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The douglah makes some of the best powder I have ever had!!!

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