Bye, bye, Jer

lily316(z5PA)June 23, 2012

I was at the gym after dinner when all three local networks interrupted their shows(never to return to them) at the same second and went to Belfonte for the verdict. I raced home to watch it as it was announced in 20 minutes. You have NO idea how big this is around here. So everyone was nervous but in 45 out of 48 counts, he was guilty. The jury of his peers as he requested believed everyone of the kids, and the only questions they had were concerning the two who were never found but were witnessed by McQuerry and the janitor. It was very emotional, and I know no one involved.

I am very proud of the dignified way this trial was held and the way the attorney general's office pursued this. The judge was excellent. He did not let this turn into a circus, and I don't think the jury will comment. Kudos to my state. Sent two pedophiles to jail today.

Finally the smirk and smile was wiped off this hideous man's face. Now healing for the victims may begin.

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I don't think this verdict was a big surprise.

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There is always the fear of the OJ outcome. Thank goodness justice was served.

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....yes of course because the OJ case is so similar to the years of abuse of poor inner city children that this elite white man enjoyed, even to creating a charity so he could hand pick his victims.

Glad you brought up OJ, cause it is so relevant to this pedophilia case.


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That's what we were afraid of... that a media circus could turn it into another Casey Anthony or OJ trial. Did they read sentencing yet? Or is that set for a future date?

I'm so glad this guy won't ever be able to hurt anyone again!

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david52 Zone 6

And now we're on to the money part of it, and I wonder what kind of liability insurance the school has.

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The sentencing will be in 90 days and the counts range to almost 500 years. We all wish the worse for this pedophile who ruined countless lives, not just the ten in this case. There were many ,many more including his adopted son who come forth after the grand jury met last year.

I would wish Dottie would be indicted for aiding and abetting and perjury, She heard and unless she was dumb as a stone, 100's of times of boys being raped in the hall across from her room and in the basement. These weren't occasional sleepovers, they happened 100's of times to ONE kid and there were many. Dottie walked in on one crying and did nothing. Some screamed from the basement. I hope these are in her thoughts the rest of her miserable life knowing she could have helped these poor boys and stopped the abuse.AT the very least this has happened for over 15 years and probably much longer.

Old Jerry will probably end up a few miles from me with elderly prisoners who won't rape him in the showers.

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I thought it a very thoroughly satifying outcome. I had no doubt that he would be found guilty but to how much? 45 out of 48 is very solid. You could see that he was actually stunned-how could he convince himself he was going to be protected? Because he always had been?
Lily-I am with you about the wife. To walk into that courthouse holding that mans hand.....To have protected his nasty little secret all those years. I enjoyed watching the police officer put him in the car afterward, the way he slammed the door and that look of contempt on his face.

All those children-in the name of football.

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I don't think it's fair to the Penn State community and to the people of State College to say that its was all in the name of football. This monster would have used any vehicle necessary to do what he did. It just happened to be football.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

What I find so horrifying is that many ignored what was happening. Something about institutional hierarchy makes it very difficult for someone in the upper reaches to be called out for their criminal actions. Justice is finally done, but how many of those young men could have been saved from being victims is action had been taken sooner? We - and I mean the greater 'we' - should be looking forward to see what can be done to prevent this in the future. Because it will happen again - whether in schools, religious institutions, or youth organizations such as the Scouts.

Did anyone else notice in the NYT photo a resemblance between Mrs. Sandusky and a younger Pope Benedict / Papa Ratzinger?

One final thought. I know that I am in the minority in my opinion, but in the media and in popular memory of the OJ trial there are convenient lapses as to why an acquittal should not have been surprising. The testimony of Vannatter regarding his actions with the blood sample is key, along with the knowledge that the LAPD had planted evidence in other cases, and the racist strain within the department. I thought it very interesting that in the revelations of the LAPD Rampart scandal dealing with routine planting of evidence, no journalist made the connection to the OJ Simpson case. In fact, LAPD succeeded in keeping the scandal limited to the Ramparts Division even while there was evidence of similar wrongdoing in other divisions.

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I think Dottie had to know what he was doing. I heard they are widening the investigation to find those who knew something was going down and who protected and covered for Sandusky. So it looks like more heads will roll.

Like you, lily, I was so glad to see that dumb smile finally wiped off his face. He looked incredibly dazed. I hope this makes everyone more vigilant, everywhere.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I was very happy to see that those poor kids now adults got justice.

Nancy you are not alone. I watched most of the OJ trial and followed the evidence. He had great attorneys and the evidence was tainted. There was reasonable doubt the jury did their job. So did the Sandusky jurors.

I could not believe the smile on his face through the entire trial. The look on his face last night was disbelief. At that moment I think it hit me he really still does not think he did anything wrong.

There was a Psychologist on CNN and she said in a pedophile's mind they really think they did nothing wrong and those boys betrayed them.

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Did you just need something to be snarky about om? I was making no comparison between OJ's crime and Sandusky's crime. The fear is because they are popular figures in the sports world that people tend to give them more credence. And are more likely to think them innocent.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Bye bye? I wouldn't be surprised if a percentage of his victims have carried on the tradition. And if he had been molested himself as well. Focusing on individual "monsters" and burning them does not take it away, no matter how much some would like it to.

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Sad story all the way round.
The same crowd that squeals like stuck pigs howling for his head are the same crowd that will ignore street teens selling themselves to countless Sandusky's or worse demand that they be arrested & saddled with the designation sex offender.

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Great verdict. Good for the jury.

"And if he had been molested himself as well."

Bboy, this sounds like an excuse. At some point he became a legal adult responsible for is actions. That includes knowing that sexually molesting anyone, children in this case, is illegal, and unethical. It's inexcusable to perpetuate these actions regardless of their origin.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

That one, which keeps coming up is more arguing for ignoring the total problem and settling for vengeance. He offended, we hung him, nothing more to see here folks. As long as the affront to personal sensibilities is assuaged, what matters has been attended to.

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Evenshade-there is plenty of evidence that Sandusky's proclivities were well known for many years and yet nothing was done..when I say in the name of football-well he was this amazing winning assistant coach and who would want to mess with that? When he retired he was super useful in getting Alums to pony up large sums to support that Winningest team ever-and who would want to mess with that so you just pretend you dont know anything.

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>>That includes knowing that sexually molesting anyone, children in this case, is illegal, and unethical. It's inexcusable to perpetuate these actions regardless of their origin.I agree... and that includes wishing rape on anyone, convicted prisoner in this case. I'll never understand how easily people either, 1. joke about it or 2. wish it upon someone. Rape should not be a an accepted "sentence". People get sentenced to incarceration... not torture.

Imagine, someone here was practically giddy with excitement at the prospect of this.. had to run home so as not to miss anything.


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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Sea, no need for wishes. You can pretty much rest assured the pig will get a taste of his own sick medicine.

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Bye-Bye, enjoy the next 500 years.
As for his wife, if she were deaf and blind I might believe her.

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Sea.. no need to get snarky as you usually do. . I was not giddy with excitement. I live here, and this has been in our news 24/7, every detail, every day. We are totally invested in this as a Penn State family. My daughter's in laws knew him, and my SIL coached McQuerry in swimming. So no, I wasn't giddy, I was nervous justice would not be given. As for old Jer being assaulted in prison. Maybe a taste of what he did 100's maybe 1000's of times over the years to little boys who had no voice would be karma!!!@!!!!!And I'm not the only one who thinks that.

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Did you just need something to be snarky about om? are right and I was wrong and out of line, my apologies.

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"You can pretty much rest assured the pig will get a taste of his own sick medicine."
Probably not he will be isolated with other sex offenders & might get some treatment if he doesn't get a chance to kill himself. If he gets past the lies that he has told himself & works his way through that maze he might find some relief. As for those who victimized there's life time of trust issues that are connected to even the smallest daily tasks.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

There you go, somebody posting about multiple aspects of the situation instead of just venting their blood lust.

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Circus Peanut

Labrea: that old canard about child sex abuse survivors being more likely, statistically, to become sex offenders themselves - does it bear any truth, from your experience (I extrapolate from previous posts) working with support groups?

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Sea, I agree with you completely re: rape within our prison system.

This has bothered me for years and years, the fact that it is a common part of the prison experience and even more, especially the fact that the public - us, we the people - turn a not so blind eye to the fact that it happens regularly. Not so blind to the point where we joke about the eventuality of it when someone is sentenced.

The problem is, some people in prison are innocent of the crime they were convicted of and are being raped by monsters because we turn that not so blind eye to that form of prison justice - to that common part of the prison sentence.

If we, as a people, wish to have this as part of judicial consequence, then let us have the cajones to stand up and demand it to be an acceptable portion of sentence read to them in court when entering the prison system. Let it be, in print, a part of the rights they give up when in our American prison - the right to not be raped.

If we don't have those conjones, then let us demand prison reform in at least this area, if not all areas of prisoner on prisoner violence.

Because we can't have it both ways. We can't decry rape and then allow it under special circumstances, like being part of any prison sentence regardless of the crime committed. This is a case of all or nothing. We either allow it or we don't, period.

What we allow, as a country, is a part of who we are as a people.

We allow GITMO enhanced interrogation aka torture of prisoners of war?

Then make it an announced part of the POW experienced if captured by the American govt, down on paper and announced to the world - and lets not hear anymore, ever, about the higher ideals of Americans as a people as stated during the Nuremburg trials.

Because that was another America ago, with another kind of Americans who made up this country and that is not the kind of people who make up this country anymore.

And if that is not the people we are anymore, lets just admit it, then carry one as the people we actually are in the country this has actually become. Let's drop the pretense about who we are and get comfortable about who we have become - after all, if we permit such things then we have good reasons for it, right? So come out and say it and drop the pretense that our country is made up of the same ideals we held dear 50 years ago, because that would be a lie.

And if we wish to turn that not so blind eye to rape in prison, then that, too, is who we - as a people - choose to be.

I realize that in cases like this, the revulsion of the man and the shock of his acts of extreme violence and physical especially perhaps emotional torture upon children will elicit this response - which is why it is so important that as a people, we stand up BEFORE something like this is dominate in the news - and demand that this not be allowed to continue in the prison system anymore.

There are people in prison - some very young people - who are there on non-violent, non-threatening acts - who are being raped by monsters on a daily basis.

There are people in prison who are innocent and being raped by monsters on a daily basis.

Because we, as a people, tolerate it and thus, allow it and oftentimes, actively want it to happen.

If we didn't, it wouldn't.

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Old Jer told his attorney today he wants everyone to know he is innocent. He isn't suicidal, but he will be if he's kept isolated for three or four more days. How about decades, Jerry? Get used to it. You might have been able to con people since the early 90's or before, but you're infamous now. Maybe isolation will be a good thing.

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Yes seem he is filing an appeal we can only hope there are no grounds for one. As for him being suicidal...too bad, so sad..he is in control of that feeling.

He got what he deserved under the law. I'm with those who think wishing him physical harm while in jail brings us down to the level of the violent criminals we incarcerate...then again I don't believe in the death penalty either.

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How many of the folks on this forum thing toddlers & tiaras should be taken off the air?

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marquest(z5 PA)

How many of the folks on this forum thing toddlers & tiaras should be taken off the air?

I had to google that one. I am not a reality TV watcher so if I saw an ad I probably just ignored the show. I think all reality TV should be taken off TV. I mean really how boring is your life that you can enjoy watching other people live their life.

Sandusky still thinks he did nothing wrong. He cannot wait to go into general population.

Convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky has been in isolation and on suicide watch since being found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse. He hasn’t been able to see friends or family, and that has left him antsy, according to his attorney.

“He’s anxious to be able to move around,” Sandusky’s attorney Karl Rominger told The Patriot-News. “His exact quote to me, ‘I don’t think I’m suicidal. I’m dealing with this, but if I have to sit around in this cell for a few more days, I am going to go nutty.’”

Sandusky is awaiting a psychological evaluation, where I’m guessing they’ll find out he still doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. And as far as I’m concerned, the more uncomfortable he is, the better.

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I am against the death penalty as well, but I have not one ounce of sympathy for this sociopath and the irreparable harm he did to God know how many boys over the years. We all know how 'these" kinds of criminals are dealt with in prison. I just think it's karma that maybe he'll live with the same dread those kids lived with when never ol Jer was near them...what he was going to do to them next.

Of course it even existed in his home where he fondled and did inappropriate things to his own adopted son so egregious, that Matt ran barefoot to his grandfather's house in the rain in the middle of the night.

I love one of our local newswomen who interviewed our local attorney Romminger , second counsel yesterday and told him people are outraged you are calling these eight victims of horrendous sex acts liars. That took him back a little.

As you might expect, it's still the top of the news here every day. His own son came thru in the end. He didn't want to break up the family he has been a part of for years, but when he heard victim number 4, he realized during the trial that all these things this kid said were acts that Jer did to him ,and he feels horrible that he stopped with Matt and switched to this kid, so he went to the grand jury in the middle of the trial. That scared the crap outta old Jer what would come out if Jer took the witness stand, so he didn't. Bravo Matt.

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From Yahoo:

Matt Sandusky said that Jerry Sandusky, once Hall of Fame coach Joe Paterno's heir apparent, began sexually abusing him in the late 1980s, when he was 8 years old, and continued until he was 15, according to a police interview recording that NBC aired Tuesday.

Matt Sandusky, who was adopted after he turned 18, described for investigators showering with the ex-coach and trying to avoid being groped in bed, according to the police recording. He said he was undergoing therapy, that his memories of abuse were only now surfacing and that he was coming forward so his family would know what happened.

There is something strange here. I can see supressing memories of things that happened when one was very, very young. But I don't see how these memories had been surpressed if the abuse continued through the age of 15. I hate to be the skeptic in cases like this and I am very ecstatic with the outcome of the trial, but Matt's story has me wondering.

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I haven't read any ore of Matt's story than what is posted here. In re to houseful, I wonder if Mrs. Sandusky will ever "remember" anything fishy about the horseplay in the house?

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Dottie is in full denial, or she is a liar. She is just lucky the attorney general indicated she won't be prosecuted. They'd have to prove perjury. I hope she is a pariah the rest of her life, since she HAD to have known and could have stopped the abuse that went on for decades.

Ironically she was a FB friend of a friend of mine who knew her quite well. After all she and old Jer were upstanding members of the community and went to church every Sunday. But then in between his church time and good deeds , he was raping little boys.

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Elizabeth Loftus has been brought in as an expert on many cases of resurfaced memories or false memories. She wrote a book the Myth of Repressed Memory very interesting work.
Very difficult to work with someone & challenge their memories
& it quite a controversial field as to how memories actually work & store information about events. For many people memories are what they are.
There was a whole slew of cases in the 70s & 80s where people began having memories of satanic ritual abuse return or the memories of children in the famous Mc Martin case

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marquest(z5 PA)

I would have started another topic but since we have one....this effects Pa residents because it comes out of our tax dollars. I am very upset that his pension will continue as long as he lives and it will continue to go to his wife as long as she lives.

It is our tax dollars going to a man that has harmed children and I think when it comes to lawsuits a Pension is also something you cannot touch.

I am not sure of the lawsuit and money thing but it seems I remember reading that in the OJ civil lawsuit.

Sandusky likely to receive pension despite child sex abuse conviction

Convicted child molester and former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is likely to keep his state pension of more than $4,900 per month despite being found guilty last week on 45 molestation charges, according to reports.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pension story

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Another reason to bring up this old topic. Old Jer just spent his first week in solitary confinement. Is he certifiably loony yet like he said he would be?

The pension story has us taxpayers in PA outraged. Politicians who used the office to run for another term are in prison with no pension while this apparently doesn't apply to child rapists. We have a few people working on changing this saying Jer intimated his victims and intimidation IS a an law where pensions can be revoked

But the main story on one local network last night were the emails that CNN discovered implicated Curley, President Spanier and Shultz. The emails were cryptic saying initially they were going to confront Jer and then go to child protective services but then decided against that and wanted a more humane approach. Humane for whom? Certainly not the boys who were raped after this. This all occurred two weeks after the McQuerry incident and Joe knew more too. CNN has the whole story. I hope the three of them lose their pensions and go to jail too.

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marquest(z5 PA)

What they are still playing down is after talking to Peterno is when they changed their minds about talking to him, then the most humane thing to do was to give Sandusky the green light to carry on as usual.

But the next night, Curley sent an email to Spanier, saying that after thinking about it more and talking to Paterno, he was "uncomfortable" with that plan and wanted to work with Sandusky before contacting authorities, the report said.

If Sandusky is cooperative, Curley's email said, "we would work with him. .... If not, we do not have a choice and will inform the two groups," according to the report.

Spanier wrote back and agreed with that approach, calling it "humane and a reasonable way to proceed," according to the report. But he also worried about the consequences.

Paterno's wife is receiving big bucks. They know that what happened they had some responsibility. At least they are donating some of the money.

Joe Paterno earned a state pension of $13.4 million for his 61-year coaching career at Penn State.

Paterno's family said Tuesday through a spokesman that Paterno's widow, Sue, would receive an initial payment of $10.1 million by the end of May, with the rest to be paid out over the next two years.

The calculations were made through the standard formula for anyone in the State Employees Retirement System, and Paterno received no special consideration, according to his family. Paterno never accessed his pension.

Family spokesman Dan McGinn said the Paterno family also planned to donate $1.5 million to Penn State-related or State College-area charities.

Paterno died in January at age 85, less than three months after being ousted by trustees in the aftermath of child sexual abuse charges against retired defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

Paterno began working at Penn State as an assistant coach in 1950 before being promoted to head coach in 1966. He held Division I records for head-coaching tenure at one school and career victories, with 409.

The Hall of Famer had a compensation package from Penn State worth $1.02 million last year, making him the university's top earner, according to an open-records report released by the university in May 2011.

But the formula to calculate the pension could account for no more than $240,000 in salary, the family said.

The Penn State report doesn't include compensation from outside the university that top coaches typically collect, like endorsement deals.

Still, Paterno's total compensation paled in comparison to many of college football's other well-known coaches, especially since Penn State won two national titles under Paterno. For instance, Alabama pays Nick Saban more than $4.6 million a year, while Oklahoma's Bob Stoops earns nearly $4 million.

"Financial gain was never Coach Paterno's top priority," McGinn said. "He believed he was fortunate to work with great young men at one of the country's premier academic institutions."

Including the $1.5 million in donations announced Tuesday, McGinn said the Paternos have given roughly $9 million to Penn State or other charitable causes. That would include roughly $4 million to help in part build a campus library which bears the family's name, and endow faculty positions and scholarships.

"A commitment to give back to the community that had welcomed and supported them so fully was always a priority for Joe and Sue Paterno," McGinn said.

Out of the latest donation, $500,000 will go to the Catholic center on campus. The remaining $1 million is pledged to the Paterno Foundation, which is selling a DVD of the Jan. 26 memorial service for Paterno. The family has said proceeds from the DVD sale will go to Special Olympics' a cause championed by Sue Paterno.

The foundation will also donate to other area charities.

    Bookmark   June 30, 2012 at 4:24PM
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