Wanting to Propagate My Weigela Bush

foolishknitterJune 21, 2007

I love my Weigela bush. A beautiful bush that has the most beautiful magenta pink flowers with light pink on the inside. I have been wanting to create "little baby" weigela bushes, but don't have the knowledge to do it. I have read a gardening book on how to propagate hard material, but it hasn't worked for me.

Could anyone give me any advice on a fail-safe way to do this!


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Weigela Root quickly from soft to semi hard cuttings. Misting or tenting will be required but they root very fast. Al

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I love mine too. I propagate it by pinning down a lower branch, stripping some of the leaves off and wounding the bark. I pile some soil on top, weigh it down with a brick and wait. During dry spells I take care to keep the soil under the brick moist. Do this often and you'll have enough for a weigela hedge!

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