Propagating Rose of Sharon

cara5610June 12, 2007

I have this rose of sharon plant that I've never paid much attention to since I didn't know until recently what it was. I like the flowers and wondered if cuttings grow well from these plants. Thanks for any info.

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I have never needed to propagate Rose of sharon. as it produces so many seeds, I have hundreds of seedlings want some?

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I had some cuttings from a friend's mother. I put two in moist soiless potting mix and one in water. The two in the mix dyed, but the one in water is still green. It's been two weeks and I don't see roots yet, but it's not dead. I hope it takes because I would love to have this plant. We're new homeowners with little experience gardening and less money to spend lol so cuttings or divisions from friends are all we have to start with.

edoubleu7, I know you were offering cara, but if it's not rude to butt in, I would love to send you postage for a few of your RoS babies (not sure how that works, would I paypal the money?)

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I received 6 "ROS" cuttings from my aunt a couple of months ago. I had them in a bucket of well water until I saw roots starting. Then I moved them to pots with good potting soil. They've been doing well. Well, today was nice and rainy outside and will be for the next 5 or so days. So I decided to go ahead and try repotting the now growing along just fine plants to my front yard. I put them where they will get lots of sun and all.
My question now is, how do I make real sure they will make it! See the soil in my front yard is tough. I waited for a good rainy day to dig my holes. Had to, cant do it when it's dry without an auger!(for real, not joking, it's that bad)Am I right though that ROS is a tough shrub and can make it pretty well in bad soils?
Please anyone with suggestions please help! I dont want to lose these plants.
oh, and edoubleu7, I'd love some seedlings, also! I'll send postage! Let us know something! Thanks

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Claudiapatx, the lady I got the cuttings from had her bush just plopped into our hard clay soil in her yard (we're coastal VA) and it was doing well. For newly rooted cuttings, I'd maybe add some compost and/or manure to the holes and baby them for a while, but I think once they take you wouldn't need to pamper them.

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Thank you! It's day 2 and they arent looking too bad! Like I said it's kinda rainy right now. On and off for the next week or so. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'll let ya'll know if they make it or not!

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Hi ediblou, I'm in NC zone 7b and just moved into a new house (New construction). I am seeing rose of sharon blooming all over--I would love to have seedlings/seeds or anything you have. Please let me know!! Catherine

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I'de love to receive some Rose of Sharon seeds or cuttings. (am a novice so I hope I'm making sense in starting one!) Can you just cut off a piece to start yourself? Can you propagate like a lilac? Thanks in advance :)

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sheeshrn(MA z5)

I diagonally cut branches off Rose of Sharon bushes, sliced up the end about 1-1 1/2 inches; dip in rooting hormone, place in WET soil and firmed it down. Kept moist first month or so. Did it to 6 branches after Easter this year, all but one have buds. Have been told you can start them when not dormant also just remove lower 1/2 of leaves. Good luck!

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Okay, so another silly question. I planted a bunch of Roses of Sharon about 1.5 years ago that I dug up from somebody who had them. Of a dozen or 15 plants, almost all made it, but there are a couple gaps where some plants failed. I would like to fill these holes. When we talk about seedlings here being the easiest way to get new plants, are these the little sprouts I've noticed growing around the bases of some of the existing, healthy plants?

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yes Winchell you should have a bunch of babies at the base of your ROS,if they bloomed last year.

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