Grass Won't grow

flowerchild2(z5 NH)October 10, 2005

We have been trying for over a year to get grass to grow at one of our customers. The area is large, under a big 200+ year old maple tree. When we started there was bare ground under the tree. We planted vinca around the edges with shade shurbs. We first planted expensive seed, fertilized and plenty of TLC. The grass grew in space. We reseeded and tried again. Same results. Early summer we layed sod from a local farm especially for shade. It was beautiful! We watered excessively. Two months later it started to turn patchy brown and now is all dead. Any ideas. We are desperite.

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You have discovered one of the few dogmas of the gardening world - lawn grasses do not thrive under the canopies of large trees. Too much competition from extensive feeder roots (maples are notorious for this), usually inadequate irrigation (canopy shields the lawn from rainwater and if manually irrigated, sufficient for good lawn growth is often too much for tree) and finally, few turf grasses do well in much shade - they prefer full sun. Give it up :-)) Plant with some low growing, shade and drought tolerant groundcovers and you're good to go.

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flowerchild2(z5 NH)

Thanks. I was afraid that was going to be the answer.

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On the left outside of our home we have a crabapple tree and our neighbor has a maple tree.

In between our two houses on that side the grass doesn't grow well at all lots of mudd when it rains.

We tried different grass seeds nothing seems to work.

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