woooo-hoooo new peppers

Spongey600July 23, 2011

HEllo everyone, i called the guy in East SD county where i got my original peppers from to replace the yellow 7 pot, choc bhut that i almost killed(i put them into a smaller pot to see if they will recover) but i picked up a new 7pot, choc bhut, peter pepper, and choc hab, and he gave me a scoth bonnet, yellow jamaican mushroom, red rocoto, and a pepper plant that he had lost the label so i have no idea what kind of plan it is. once i get them all potted up i will take pics and post them up! the scotch bonnet had a little ripe pepper so i pulled it off and ate it(wow pretty spicy! but good flavor)


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Good deal. That should round out your growing list for this season.

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Yes Bruce, i actually gave the yello mushroom/scotch bonnet to my buddy since i ran out of pots/room on my balcony. but i am looking forward to lots of various peppers here in a month or 2 and really hoping to keep them going all year round!

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I'm sorry to hear you had to give up peppers, but I understand space is a premium for you.

A mystery pepper... I hope it turns into a bountiful and tasty pepper!

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Well, good news is, those plants I gave to my buddy I will be getting.to enjoy the peppers that are grown!!!

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