Willow water question

Fleur(z5)June 23, 2009

Can anyone tell me the color of properly prepared willow water? I am ready to start some softwood cuttings of shrubs and thought I'd soak them in willow water for a while before sticking them. Then would use the willow water to moisten the media.

I brought to a boil a gallon or so of water, threw in about a cup of pencil thick or smaller 1" pieces of willow and let it cool. When I peeked a while ago, it looked like weak tea. Is this the color it should be or should I dilute it??

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

You don't need to dilute it. When I watched a local plantsman/propagator make it on a television segment, he put willow pieces in a stock-type pot just covered with water by a couple of inches and simmered (barely) with lid overnight. It was definitely darker than weak tea, looked more like cola.

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Thanks. I have so much of it I've got to figure out a way to use it or lose it. A friend suggested that perhaps I could freeze it.

I also read somewhere that ww will stay fresh for a year or longer if you refrigerate it. I wonder if that's true. I'm afraid if I leave it in the fridge, I may someday think it's tea, add sugar, drink it and sprout roots.

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When I made it I crushed the willow stems before simmering them. Mine was about the color of weak tea. I didn't bother storing it but I don't see why you couldn't freeze it.

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