Growing Hyacinth from seeds question

the_roaming_gnome(z6 northern pa)June 24, 2008

Ok -I have a few Hyacinths.I am not sure what variety/cultivar they are. This year they are loaded with seed pods. I was wondering if anyone has any experience growing hyacinths from seed. Is there anyhing special I have to do to get them to germinate? I have alot of experience propagating with cuttings, but very little experience growing from seed (except for the seeds you buy in packets). Any advice would be appreciated.

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

Do you mean hyacinths from bulbs? or Hyacinth Beans?


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the_roaming_gnome(z6 northern pa)

We originally planted bulbs. This year we had a large number of seed pods on the plants(are these what you are calling beans?) The seeds themselves are black and white with a peanut shape. we are currently drying them. Before planting the seeds do they need to be forced by freezing or scarified or anything like that? or can we just plant them in some potting soil and expect plants?

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I have never done this but I imagine that they would need some winter cold. Also be aware that it will be some time (probably a few years) before they flower and that there is no guarantee they will be like the parents. If you allow your hyacinths to set and ripen seed you are weakening the bulbs and they will not perform very well next year. However, it is an interestingexperiment to try.

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