jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)May 5, 2009

I always hate having to leave a negative review. Mary signed up for the Round Robin swap I hosted for April with the MNF group. Since she was a new member for MNF, I contacted her several times explaining what was expected in the swap and just before assigning partners, making sure she was still participating. I do this with all newbies to the group when I host. She assured me the day before partners were assigned that she was still in.

She emailed her partner about a week after partners were posted telling her that she had become involved in too many things and would be dropping out of this swap. She did not post to the thread and did not email me as hostess. Her partner emailed and let me know and chose not to be assigned a new partner so late in the swap.

No boxes were mailed, so there will be no make up obligation, but should Mary resurface and wish to join another MNF swap, she will have to follow a couple of additional guidelines for joining another MNF swap. She is welcome to contact me to find out what that will entail.

If you choose to trade with Mary, I would advise having her send her part first.


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