A few more shots of Penang and Miss Daisy

Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VAAugust 21, 2009

My Penang Peach is having a good year! Two of five inflos are currently blooming:

Daisy Wilcox just started.

These flowers are large! This one about 4.5" across.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Daisy will get bigger in time. Mine has regular 5"+ flowers and last year had one flower that was 7" across. And it blooms heavily.I have dozens of inflos just loaded down with flowers with more coming soon. People just freak when they see those giant flowers. You plants are looking healthy Dave. Finally you got some decent weather?

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Yes, once our cool, wet Spring was over, by late June good weather set in. It wasn't overly hot all summer. We just got another inch of rain yesterday. It's actually been a very good summer for plumeria growth. Late July and August were super humid and warm! I'll take some pics of the newly rooted cuttings from California!

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Very nice. Ill be getting my first plumeria bloom ever next week and I love seeing other peoples sucess while I wait. This is my first year Ive ever attempted to grow plumerias, but now I have 3, 2 of which are setting inflos. Im not sure of the name for the one that will be blooming this week, but the other one is called "pretty princess" and probably wont bloom for another month.

Good luck with your plumerias. It looks like they are very healthy and happy. Ill definately be posting pics when my plumerias bloom.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Dave,

Your blooms are quite beautiful!!! I especially love the Penang Peach....love the colors!!! My "unknown named " is still blooming...and my Mini Divine that I received from JJ's is blooming...I love the small flowers...How about all of this hot weather? My Plumies are very healthy...green and ready for about 3 more months of summer... LOL (I wish)

Laura in VB

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Beautiful Dave


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rigo74(7b TX)

Dave your plumies are looking good, keep up the good work.


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