Bad nursery?

lovetocraft2006November 21, 2006

I am looking for some spruce for my front bed. I visited a nursery website and I find out they are using one of my photos from my website on their website to sell their trees. I can't believe this. I was planning to buy some spruce from this nursery until I find out they steal my picture. I emailed the nursery to tell them to get my photo off their website. I looked more and find out that not only are they using my photos they are using photos and wording from other websites. I am guessing without their permission to. Is this what become of nurseries now to stoop so low. Can I do anything else to get my photo off their site? I would call but I am so mad i could spit and I don't want to go off the handle. They are thujagreengiant.buz

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People often have a hard time comprehending copyrights, and it may not be out of malicious intent that they use your photos and other people's captions. That doesn't obviate the fact that what they're doing is wrong, but it should alter your approach. Ask them (politely, as always) to remove your image, and tell them that what they are doing is copyright infringement.

Check out the U.S. Copyright Office (the FAQ section is quite helpful!) for more details.


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clfo(z7 with luck)

I assume that you have a copyright symbol or info on your site, yes?

Send them a PAPER letter and follow up with a phone call - give them a deadline by which they have to have the photo and text removed or they will be contacted by your lawyer and sent a bill.

I'm curious to know if when you go to and submit your site (especially the page that has the information that was used) does this nursery come up? Check it out and let me know, OK?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

lovetocraft, would you mind emailing me directly and telling me the name of the nursery? My email address is on my member page. Thanks!

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bonsai_audge, I believe. It's at the end of her post.

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Of course, it's a bad nursery, it's a nursery. They are out to profit at the expense of's almost like they were in business.

Inflated prices, horrible help, and they only like to sell things that are totally unnecessary. Of course, this is the same society that created day spas for totally unnecessary may be relative.

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