fiddle leaf fig tree

elizabethsarah(6)June 19, 2013

Hello! I've had a fiddle leaf for a few months now and 2 months ago I tried to propagate one of the trunks using the air layer technique from this site:

I followed all of the directions and kept the sphagnum moss moist all the time. Today, I took everything off because absolutely nothing came from it and now the pot is filled with millipedes (UGH!)

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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1) I always had to apply a rooting hormone to the area where I striped the bark for a "air Layer" (2) If left any bark in the wounded area it had a tendency to regrow & roots would not form

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i am michel mew at this site how r u all

Here is a link that might be useful: Solid State Relay

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I was given a large pot with two fiddle leaf tree stalks, both over 5 feet high, with only leaves on the top foot. I cut the stalks down to 2 feet, separated the roots, and repotted into separate pots. This was several months ago, and I just forgot about them. Yesterday I was surprised to find both breaking out new growth from stalks that appeared dead. I am anxious to see what the revived plant will look like. Al

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