'Divine' and Water

monet_gAugust 2, 2010

Is it just me, or does "Divine" need quite a bit more water than the others? I've been attempting to keep my Plumies on the same schedule, but "Divine" appears to need water at shorter intervals.


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Mine can get dry, but it loves to get a good soaking. I usually soak it every other day whereas my other plumerias get a little drier before I water it. Im not sure why Divine likes more water, but it does. I also have a hard time getting them to lose there leaves in the winter. I know they arent suppose to be evergreen, but mine seems to be!

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Thank you for the response. I can now water with more confidence!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

My Divine loves the water...it seems that I water it twice as much as the others...So we all seem to have the same problem with our Divines!!! Good to know!!!

Laura in VB

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I did some research on this plumeria. Tomorrow I am going to order Jungle Jack's plumeria catalog. I love how he lists so many dwarf plumerias, which really is a good idea for me since I have to bring in all my plumerias around end of October. I love this plumeria and after seeing some of the pics here on the forum, I really want it! I wonder because it is a dwarf, if it grows really slow. I am going to email them also tomorrow.

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Love Divine, but I do not have one yet. Is it a prolific bloomer? Very fragrant?

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I reread some older posts on this plumeria and someone bought it and they said that when they got it, it had the largest inflo they had everseen, something like 150 flower buds!! I guess they had blooms for 9 months out of the year. In my book, that means prolific! This may be the last polumie I order this season and having it grow so short and compact, a HUGE major plus!

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Its a fast grower but the leaves are compact, and it is the best bloomer out of all my plumerias! Mine has 3 inflos in bloom now and the first one has been in bloom since late june and is still going very strong! It has a nice fragrance too that sometimes is pretty strong, but I guess that occurs when conditions are right.
Heres a pic of mine as a few minutes ago (sorry, pic is was taken with my phone so its not the greatest). The older leaves look a little greenish-yellow to me in the picture, but in person they are all very green. Its been in bloom all summer which is a first for my plumerias. I recommend this plumeria to anyone especially someone who has to take there plumerias inside during the winter.

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I just bought 3 plants from Jack's about 2-3 weeks ago. Wow, was I pleased with the plants. I bought 'Divine', 'Jack's Mini-White' and 'Delightful'. They all had several growing tips. My Divine had lots of buds ready to open. Here's a pic I took today.

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