Favorite variety of pelargonium to grow and sell

jannyNovember 4, 2010

I'm not sure this is the Forum to ask this question, but would like your imput, so any help would be appreciated. I have a garden sale each spring and I am planning on selling pelargoniums this spring. I haven't grown them for a few years and I need help in selecting which varieties to grow. The catalog I've been looking at has Orbit,Maverick,Elite, Bullseye and a Multibloom Hybrid Series which they all call super-sellers. I'm planning on growing a couple of different varieties and getting the mixed colors and pinching them for multi-stem growth so I need to start them next month to have them blooming for my sale. I'm planning on growing 100-150 geraniums. So who grows what variety and why? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Janny

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I've grown all of those at one time or another, and they all have their good points. The closest you will get on floral effect to a cutting-grown type of those would be the multibloom. I've done them in years past as a floral potted crop and if grown correctly they're lovely. I'd say they tend to be like a floribunda......extremely numerous, but smaller flower heads.

That being said, I've also grown the bull's eye for a novelty. They've an extremely dark leaf along the lines of the black magic series and the pastel ones play off well against the dark foliage. They do sell that in a mix and that's also a benefit for somebody growing as few as you will be doing.

My standard seed-grown line for premium bedding flats would be Orbits. They can be close-cropped on the bench, are early and have a nice habit but were developed for mass production. They do well in the garden, too.

I sow my seed-growns I don't buy from plug in early December and do not pinch. I don't know your locality, but judging from the zone, I'd say a December sow is not giving you a lot of time if you are planning on a pinch, as it can add six weeks to a finished schedule in pots. A spray of cycocel (a type of growth regulator) will help to finish them off more quickly by a week or two. I don't use them anymore, but know when I was growing many thousands of them a year, I needed as rapid a bench turn over as possible.

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