How to root in plastic baggies ? Bougainvillea or whatever ?

mailbox0600June 16, 2006

I'm a newbie in central Florida.

I want to propagate some Bouganvillea and other plants. Bouganvillea first.

I've heard that putting the cuttings in baggies with some rooting hormone, the proper soil mix, and some water is the way to do it. Then seal the bag so the moisture stays inside. Keep 'em in the shade and wait.

Question 1 - Do you re-open the baggie and put more water in every day... or few days... or week... or what?

Question 2 - Do you cut a long branch or just the 3 or 4 inches at the end of a branch?

Question 3 - Do you cut it clean or at an angle?

Question 4 - What other tips can you folks share with me on the subject?

Thanks for any help.


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georgez5il(z5 IL)

1 you need to open baggie daily for air exchange .. prevent fungal infection,etc.... the additional water may or may not be needed check soil.... reamber the only way a plant may take in water is through the roots. 2. a 2-3 eye (node) cutting is the ideal length for most cuttings if use a long branch will be hard to keep in baggie & normally 2 times has hard to root. 3, your choice... the choice of strength of rooting hormone is best dictated buy experience (yours or others) The baggie is one of MANY!!!!! methods to keep the humidity high around a cutting & therefore slow dehydration of the plant till roots form....

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lynne_melb(z9b Melb FL)

Mailbox, welcome to central Florida.
In the summer, our humidity is so high that I don't think you need to use a baggie.
I've had the most success with any kind of cutting to remove all but the top 3 leaves, but rooting powder on the cutting, and stick it in a container with holes in the bottom. Keep out of the sun, and water when it starts getting dry. Good luck.

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Hey, MB

SoFlo here with the same question. I've tried the 3 node approach in normal soil, shaded by some cannas. Plenty of water (it rains almost every day now in summer time), and some rooting hormone. I gave the tug test today after 4 weeks. They were all still green, so I don't think they were dehydrated, but not a root had formed.

I now have some 3 node cuttings with a thicker stem in a pot in my garage (by the window), but I'm not feeling optimistic. Any indications as to what I'm doing wrong?


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I did 16 root cuttings in baggies out of the 16 after 8 weeks only 5 rooted. I took them out of the baggies and now the leaves have shriveled up the next day i do not know if they are alive they had good roots did I take them out of the baggie to soon should I take these leaves off and see if any new leaves grow?
I watered them what am i doing wrong? Or will they be ok are they just in shock?

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Hey guys,

I had about 10 cuttings and tried 4 in a pot, and 6 in baggies, 3 on a window and 3 under a heating lamp (90-93 degrees). The ones by the window lost their leaves, and I gave for lost. I even set them aside to be thrown in the trash. Days went by and I'd think "I'm feeling too lazy to throw them away". Yes, I am very lazy. Last night, I finally said, OK, tonight your going into the trash. Something was smelling funny, so I opened the baggies to verify it wasn't the rotting bougs I should have thrown away days ago. I realized tiny little leaves were going! So far, no roots, but I guess I'll take the leaves as a temporary indication of success (and party)

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They might be in shock due to sudden loss of humidity. When transplanting them to a pot, make sure the soil is humid, and cover pot with a baggie for a few days too.

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I agree with Lynne melb. In FL it is easy to propogate boganvillas. Cut about 4 inches of new growth, cut off all but a few top leaves,stick cut end in rooting hormone and pot in medium of vermiculite and potting soil mixed, put in shade for a few weeks, keeping pot moist. In a few weeks, cutting should show roots. Here in FL it is humid enough to not have to cover with plastic. Good luck!

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