Spreading Purple Lantana

wanna_run_fasterJune 25, 2005

Hi. I'm getting ready to cut back my spreading purple lantana and I would like to share some of it with all my new friends here on garden web. Am I better off taking cuttings and trying to root them (?rooting hormone vs water) or should I try to pull out rooted segments?


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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Cuttings with use of rooting hormone (1% IBA) is my first choice then division. (of rooted segments...)

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Thanks, GeorgeZ, I'll give it a shot tomorrow!

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I have rooted lots of Lantana, I find the most tender ends easiest to root. I usually have a plastic pot (usually the hanging basket type) filled with potting soil. I nip about 2 inches just below a node, strip off bottom leaves, dip in rooting hormone, tap excess off, and plunk into this pot. I get lots of new Lantana plants that way. They grow pretty well in the pot, often if I don't get them transplanted, I just bring the plant into the garage for the winter, keep it watered near a window and it is great in the spring and has grown a lot. I find Lantana a very easy plant to propagate.

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philo_phreak(z9 CA)

I would be interested in becoming a recipient of the purple lantana.

Thank you

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gardenpaws_VA(z7 NoVA)

I'm not sure about propagation of L. montevidensis (purple or white), but I should know more soon, as I have a couple of whites I want to keep over and propagate.
The small-leaved forms of L. camara (possibly a hybrid? I don't know the genetics, but the leaves are about the same size as L. mont.) root easily for me, either in water or just stuck in whatever pot is handy. I've been practicing on mine for over 25 years now, as I still have a plant that was (potted) part of my wedding decorations.

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I am interested in propagating a lantana from my neighborhood school yard. It is the most wonderful, deep red that I have ever seen. Thanks for the great instructions.

Wondering if there is any issue with copyright when taking cuttings from plants that you don't own?

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