Liverworts and Mogeton 25 wp

sirsedumNovember 16, 2009

Ok, So I may have stated in the past, we grow water plants and ever since I got here, we have had a Liverwort infestation. Now I have been reading some promising research on "quinoclamine" also known as Mogeton 25 WP, and it seems to be fairly effective for controlling both Algae and Liverwort. However after doing all this reading I am unable to find a vendor of this stuff on the internet. I'm sure some of you have better sources of information and for chemical suppliers. Any thoughts or comments. Thank you!

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Mogeton is what we used at the wholesale growing nursery I used to work for......and it seemed to be pretty darn effective. My understanding is that is not yet registered for that purpose in this country and may not even be available for sale here. The German owner imported it from Europe. IIRC, your nursery has a European owner also - perhaps he can access it through some of his contacts abroad.

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Does anyone know a source for Mogeton 25WP? Are there any other known liverwort killers?

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