What Do They Mean "Grafted onto a Standard"?

CPTKJune 19, 2013

So you can buy Korean Dwarf Lilacs as either a shrub or a tree. The tree form is simply a Korean Dwarf Lilac shrub grafted onto a "standard." So I researched and found out what a standard is in general. It still doesn't tell me specifically what plant I need to graft a Korean Dwarf Lilac onto to make a Korean Dwarf Lilac Tree. I already have a shrub version and I wouldn't mind trying my hand at grafting to make my own tree version, but I have no idea what I'm supposed to use for the stem portion.

I was told that whatever was used, it would have to be of the syringa genus. However, I did some more researching and it turns out you can graft lilacs onto white ash. So is that what you need to use? Does anyone have any idea?

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They use Syringa reticulate and if you decide to buy one to graft your dwarf Korean onto, buy the "Silk" one. It is smaller in size for your patio lilac tree.
Look under Treefarmusa dot com and look under Dwarf Korean lilac tree and it tells you there.

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