ZZ leaves

karyn1(7a)June 8, 2007

I have several ZZ leaves that I've rooted. They developed a bulb-like area at the base of the leaf and a good root system but they haven't done anything else. They've been like that for a few months. They look perfectly healthy but are still just the single leaf. How long does it take to put out new growth? Is there anything I can do to encourage it? I realize that they aren't the fastest growing plant but this is ridiculous.


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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

What kind of light are they getting? You might try moving them, to increase or decrease the light. If it has good roots, you could feed it a little weak Miracle Grow or some weak manure tea. Really weak on the tea.

I have never even THOUGHT of rooting this plant, even tho I do admire it.

What kind of medium did you use? How long to get roots?

Good Luck!


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scarzi(z7 MD)

What are ZZ leaves?

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ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)
This very hardy indoor plant that lives in the wilds of Tanzania and Zanzibar has these key features:

It will tolerate low light conditions.

Requires very little water in summer, and less in winter.

Provides a stunning arching shape. With its primitive looks, it may well be a plant that has been around for a long time.


During hot weather, water weekly. Fertilise with liquid fertiliser once or twice.

During the cold season, water sparingly, say once every few weeks.

The plant is a slow grower in cooler climates. You should still be able to re-pot into a larger pot every year or so.

If leaves go yellow, the plant may be getting too much water, or is in need of a feed. Direct sunlight may burn leaves. This plant may be toxic if ingested. Keep away from chewing dogs or toddlers.
In case pic doesn't show here is a link to see pic

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I decided it was about time to plant the leaf cuttings into individual pots. The plant I took them from is growing like crazy but these haven't done anything besides form this weird bulb thing and roots. Does anyone know when they might send out some new growth? Is the little point on the center right cutting a new leaf starting?

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Mine took about a year to put up shoots. They are 3 years old now and are about 8 inches tall. These are very slow growing plants. I put mine in a sunny window and watered them once a week. Yours should start growing within a 6 months to a year. They will have little white buds form on the tops of those bulbs and it will make tiny leaves. It will look like a miniature ZZ plant for a couple of years. It's worth the wait though!

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HI, I have planted the leaves to propagate in May and one of them has a new growth maybe half an inch. What do I do next? How tall does it have to be to be safely planted in a bigger pot?

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

My experience mimics that of echinaceamaniac. Mine also is now about 3 years old and has 3 stems so it's beginning to look like a plant. No wonder they're so expensive in the garden centers!

As the tuber was apparently forming from the single leaf I planted, the leaf s-l-o-w-l-y died. I'd never grown the plant before so I thought it was totally kaput. Dumped the potting soil back into the container and spied the tuber. Repotted the tuber and eventually green growth above the soil line appeared. The plant has slowly grown.

Key ingredients to growing a ZZ leaf to a decent plant size are patience and time!

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I was surprised to see this post after so long. I finally gave up on the clones after a few years of a single leaf and tossed them in the compost pile. I don't even like the plant that much. They aren't expensive at a nursery. You can pick up an 8" pot for $10.

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