Don't toss out a bad looking stick!

Tropic_7August 3, 2012

Good evening everyone!

Hey, I thought I'd try to start a plant from just an old ugly stick and you know what? It's putting out KeiKis!

I had some odds & ends & middles I didn't want to throw out so here's the line up!

It's all Kimo cuttings and yes! they are so skinny ( undergrowth )

Mahalos! Stuart

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok Stuart you are magical! Does everything you touch grow?? Unbelievable! And here I am still waiting on my cuttings to do something. ANYTHING! LOL

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Hey, that thing sat in a pot for 2 months!
And I thought, if it didn't jump out of the pot and run I'd try to save it!
Same with the real skinny one on it's left, had no chance growing under the canopy of the tree, just long and skinny.
Sometimes it's good to test yourself and learn from experience!

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They look good Stuart. I never give up until there is no green left :) Peg

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Topped off with the palm reflection in the pool!
Terrific, Stuart!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Wah... mine are not doing anything.

Mona I hate to break it to you but I just felt the cutting you sent me and it's pretty squishy. So I don't think that will survive. So that will make 5 cuttings I have killed. 3 left... let's see if they survive. I did not mess w/ them this time. Maybe it doesn't like being looked at?? I don't know but they are on my kitchen counter under the sky light/window so whenever I cook/clean I'm staring at them. :(

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What kind you you have that your not having any luck with?
I'm thinking of selling rooted cuttings next April.
I have quite a collection I'm putting together and my success rate is 100% out of 400+ plumeria cuttings this year.
I just sent a 3 foot 4 tip plant still in the dirt to California from Florida and it was perfect on arrival leaves and all.
Do you think this is what some folks would appreciate?
I've got sticks that fall on the ground here from when we have high winds and then they root right into the ground before I can pick them up! ( I've got photos coming soon to show this )
All my potted cutting get outside sunlight directly on the black nursery pots, this heat stimulates the root growth coupled with very high humidity.
VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the cuttings callous properly!
Fresh cut doesn't mean plant right away!!! I lay mine in a cardboard box in the garage and forget them for weeks on end, then I plant them.
Your thoughts?

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Lynn - honestly, it probably is not your fault if you lose the cutting because it was already somewhat soft when I received it. I even told Freak that I almost regretted offering it to you because I didn't want it to be another failure for you. Honestly! You can ask him.

Yes, as I mentioned in the email mine is doing fine and I told you how I stuck it out in the rain and it plumped back up and is rooting now. Maybe I lucked out? Maybe it actually did need some water? Who knows but don't fret about it.

Maybe you need to take your other cuttings and put them outside where they get some sun.

If staring at plants would harm them none of mine would be alive! LOL

Stuart - I would love to buy some cuttings when you start selling

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Lynn - I wanted to clarify a little better on why I think mine has rooted and yours has rotted. It was very hot when I mailed that cutting to you. So it spent days and days in route to me, then I turned around and mailed it to you. That's a long time traveling and makes a big difference!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

These are cuttings I bought from Upland. They were very healthy looking so I know it's not them.

Nebel's Rainbow

Janada was the one that had some roots but she still does not push any leaves.

Tomorrow I am going to move them outside and ignore them. Maybe that will do the trick.

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

I would be one of your first customers!!!!! I have drooled over all of your pictures. Your reds are the best! I want a siam red and a hilo beauty lol Thought I should order early to avoid the rush. I know you have ordered many plants and know how they should be shipped. I have faith in you. I cant wait till you do lol


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Stuart I will be your customer as well for I still want you Purple Jaded Dragon! :)

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Stuart, you'll have your own business in no time. Thanks for the heads up. Peg

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Stuart, you totally have the green plumie thumb :) I think rooted cuttings are certainly something people are interested in! I never wanted to pay double the price for rooted ones but lately I've seen a lot of them at the same price or only for a few bucks more rooted, so why not?! If I can get a rooted one for almost the same as a non-rooted, then absolutely!

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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

NC, Why are you not putting your cuttings outside? My rooted when I put them outside.

Stuart, I will buy from you too. how is my Kimo coming along :) ?


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