LD'S Are you a member of APLD?

debinca1(zone 7 CA)November 9, 2005

We had a speaker from APLD come to our LD design class today and I was wondering if you reccomended joining?

Esp if you live in Nor. Cal. are the meeting and speakers something a begginer wouldbenifit from or is it more for the experienced designers? I would be joining the Sac chapter. Thanks, deb

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In my experience ( SF Bay Area ) the APLD is a perfect match for a beginner landscape designer.

You'll have the opportunity to network with other new comers to the industry who are reaching out for many of the same answers that you are seeking.

I am not a member.
The S.F. chapter is not a good fit for my skill level and I have several other horticultural clubs that I attend that are better suited to my needs.
I do on occasion attend some of their lectures and appreciate that they take the time to bring in guest speakers.

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I've had a glancing association with APLD for a number of years. I have never formally joined as I had some real problems with the politics of the local chapter and the former chapter president. And time seems to get in the way. I agree that they can be a fine networking organization and with the infrequent meetings I do attend, I always seem to bring back something of value.

As a matter of fact, I've been invited to attend a meeting tonight to dicuss certfication processes. If my cold is better and I feel like driving 45 minutes to get to the meeting location, I just might do it. I do know and respect the current chapter president, so will try to ignore his abrasive predecessor. Unfortunately, her presence in the organization is not an inducement to join or participate.

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if I knew that you were going to speak at an upcoming APLD meeting I would make the time to go.

: ~ )

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creatrix(z7 VA)

I have not joined the APLD, but my mentor is a member and has raved about their national meetings. I am a member of our state LD association - VSLD, and I'm almost done the certification work.

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miss_rumphius_rules(z6 NJ)

In a state that has a strong 'old boy' network of feuding professional landscape contractor associations, I joined APLD because they were specfic to LD. We don't have a local chapter, but we do have some folks active at the national level. I don't participate because there's nothing to participate in! I do attend monthly contractor association meetings and have met some other designers there...it depends on what you want out of it I suppose.

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I joined APLD because I was not happy with the competive attitude that seems to be accepted as normal in North America (I include Canada). I was sure that more could be gained by a cooperation akin to the guilds of another time. Call me a simpleton. This was not my experience and so I let my membership lapse.
I have met some people on this forum who see the sharing of infomation and ideas as a benefit rather than a threat and most of them have posted above. The APLD has a forum that is mostly inactive or guarded, like we are playing poker and there can be only one winner.

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Ms. R. and others ,
If the nearest chapter to you is inert and the APLD forum is inactive then what would be the benefit to join your local chapter ?

If not for the Networking then what ?

If the once a year National Meeting is of intrinsic value do you have to be a member to attend it ?

What do you receive for your dues ?

What makes the APLD a valuable resource ?

Are there any active APLD members who contribute / share their commentary here at the GardenWeb professional forum ?

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miss_rumphius_rules(z6 NJ)

Rather than just a professional membership, I view it as advertising dollars. My membership on puts my name and address on their website in the consumers section. The APLD website links to mine and I've gotten several good referrals from it. Additionally, I think in the future, as my state gets tighter and tighter about who can do what, there may be a benefit from being APLD certified. No, you don't need to be a member to attend the conferences or the workshops.

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