Question on orchid grafting

tropical_philippinesJuly 1, 2008

I have a 'Vanda sanderiana' (an orchid) which is dying from fungus infection. I examined the stem and everything has gone brown from roots up to the uppermost portion of the stem, leaving only the upper leaves and the uppermost stem still green and alive. I intend to cut this upper portion as the lower portion is already dead and the infection is slowly climbing up to the topmost portion of the stem. (If I don't decide soon, I'm going to lose the vanda, which by the way, is a 'rare' one.)

Vanda sanderiana tends to root only at the lowest portions of the stem (the part that is already dead) so there is practically very little chance that the remaining 'upper' portion which is alive can still root (given the typical 'vanda sanderiana' rooting characteristics).

I plan to graft this 'still alive' upper portion of the vanda sanderiana into another vanda.

(I have plenty of those cheap, very common vandas for use as 'rootstock'.)

My question is, will it survive the grafting or will I have better chances making the cut upper portion root (very slim chance considering it is a Vanda sanderiana)?

Please help. Thanks.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

I have never "grafted" a orchid BUT ther is another forun on ORCHIDS.... that is where you will fine help

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