Bell peppers leaves curling :( (pic)

coy91pgtJuly 5, 2011


I'm new to the forum and sort of new to gardening.

First I would like to say hello and introduce myself.

My name is Coy and this is my 3rd year growing a garden.

In my garden this year I'm growing Tomatoes, Green Bell peppers, Banana peppers, (both sweet and hot) Jalapenos,Habaneros,Cayenne peppers. I'm also growing Corn, Cucumbers and beans. So far everything been doing good except the Bell peppers....

Could this be the cause of to much water? That was my initial thought but the other peppers are doing fine. I live in east Tennessee and its been raining ALOT this year.

And here some pics of my garden and my Tomato

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've already lost one :(

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Are you only referring to the shrivelled one in the far-right of the first 2 pictures, or the others also? The shrivelled one looks like it's heat damaged (maybe saveable), but the others look fine IMHO.

I'm not an expert but I'm learning - my only possible guess is heat damage. I would suggest you dig it up and re-plant it (temporarily) in a well-drained pot in new soil, and keep it in the shade with only enough water to keep the soil non-dry, for several days until it perks back up, then harden it back out before transplanting back to its original spot.

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The shriveled one definitely needs some TLC to bring back to life, but I agree with Drakar...the rest look fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Pepper Guy's Garden

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I'm talking about the other one's. The one on the far right is a goner.The one right beside it to the left seems to be taking the same route... It can't be too much sun because their in a well shaded area, if not to shaded for peppers that is. This is my second year growing peppers but my first year growing Bell's. Last year I grew all hot pepper in the middle of a feild with full direct sun all day and they loved it. I had one plant produce 60 pepper at about 30" tall. Maybe it was the seven dust? Thats the on insecticide I've ever used.

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Not to answer your question, but, my suggestion is to just buy them at a stand / farmer's market or trade with someone. I have had a harder time getting bell peppers to grow / produce than anything. I gave up on them.

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do not believe that it is a goner yet, as long as it is not a shriveled brown stick it has a chance of survival, @ one point 2 of my habaneros were nothing more than 6" green sticks, all the leaves had fallen off and the tops were starting to wilt( problem w/ impropper drainage and too much rain, I replanted them in free draining soil in buckets w/ many drainage holes in the bottom and now they are out performing any of my other habs, as they say it aint over til the fat lady sings, and Im telling you that w/ the right soil and some tlc, there may be no arias (operatic solos) in your future. dig up the plant you think is a goner, put it in a nice free draining soil in a 3-5 pot or bucket, water lightly, and in a week and a half or so hit it w/ some low grade fertilizer, thanks to smoke and others like greenman, I have found that using a mix of bark, simple potting soil, and either pumice, turface, large chunk vermiculite or perlite, drains very freely, and keep them happy, also fish emulsion and seaweed extract, work great in combination to provide a nice balance of nutrients, and if u make it to the flowering stage, when ur peppers set, a nice calcium and magnesium supplement, will help u get nice big pods, that ripen at a good rate, now u may take this advice however u choose, but being that I am in western nc and you are in east tennesee we have nearly identical climates and growing conditions, so what works for me should work for you, best of luck to you coy,

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Will do.


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I agree with Chile Freak - I saved a tomato plant and a jalapeno plant which were both at about that level of "dead-looking"ness.

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