Anyone using grow bags?

hotsandiegoJuly 24, 2014

Just curious if anyone was using grow bags for their peppers? Store bought or wal mart? looking to do 100 plants next season and wanting to not spend alot on containers. I have 1.5 acres but gophers are nuts here. raised beds would be great but cost alot more. I was thinking bags sitting on top of 2 rows of 2x6's laid flat would keep them off the ground and away from gophers. Any ideas?

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Not I. I know some members do though. Being in Ramona, you should have access to plenty of 10-15 gallon nursery pots though. Plenty of small nurseries in your area.. whether in Ramona itself or near--- Lakeside, Jamul, Escondido. I went to Fallbrook in April to buy an Avocado tree and asked the guy if he could give away some recycled 15's, he said no, but he'd sell me some for a buck a piece. Promptly handed him a 5 spot.

Lowe's also has a recycled section for FREE. Last year, I picked up quite a few. But since then, nothing but small ones.


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Im growing 1 plant in a cloth grocery bag like the one lots of people use as an alternative to paper. My plant is thriving in it.
Using 5-1-1 as soil. This is my first attempt but and and started just an experiment , most of my plants are in the ground. I will do more this way next year after seeing the results. Im impressed and would recommend this method of growing. My bag has 2 handles making it easy to move. I wondered if the soil would shift but it seems very stable and mobile

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I am also using some, similar to Dave's. They are Kroger/Fred Mayers bags. It cost 85 cents ( for small ones, holding about 6 -7 gallons). Big ones probably hold about 10 gal. of soil ($1.25). Even if they were not reuseable , that is fine. Cheapest plastic pots (6 gal.) would cost maybe 6 bucks. For most peppers they are just perfect . I think, because they aerate, they work like smart bags but for much less money.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

If you use the 2x6 thing, be sure to get treated lumber or you will attract termites that rival the gophers.


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