Cheap battery operated misting timers - where did they go?

mrunix(z8 FL)July 9, 2013

A long time ago in a land far, far away, battery operated irrigation timers that had misting cycles were cheap and readily available. When I built my misting box many years ago, I found the Melnor 3060 at Home Depot for under $30. It wasn't perfect, but it did have a 2 minute on/10 minute off cycle that does the job. There were a few others, like the Nelson 5940 that had misting functionality as well. Unfortunately, it seems those days are gone, and the sub-$50 timers no longer have the ability to do misting cycles. The new ones are dumbed down versions of their previous models and much functionality has been removed!

For example, the Melnor 3060 has gone through 4 revisions. With the latest (2012) model, much of what made the 3060 great has been removed. I contacted them and their response was that the functions, or lack thereof, were due to focus groups and what they said they wanted. Absent from the new 3060 is the misting cycles, odd/even day watering and independent day watering (ie: select what days you want to water on). Added is the ability to retain the program when changing batteries, a "Large" LCD display and ease of programming (aka: one button programming).

I need a battery operated hose end timer.. I don't have electricity out in the garden where my propagation box is, just a hose bib. All I really need is something that will start and stop at times I set, and in between those times, cycle on and off for durations I specify. The Melnor had preset misting cycles, which were not ideal, but worked. I believe the Nelson was a bit more flexible, but I've never had one so I am just basing that on what others have indicated.

I will keep using my original 3060 until it dies.. but what then? What alternatives are there that won't break the bank? After seeing my propagation box, my neighbor wants to build a similar one.. what can I tell him? There has to be a fairly inexpensive (Cheers,

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A couple years ago I was looking for a fairly inexpensive propagation timer and saw this one.
I settled on a used Mist-o-matic on Craigslist.
If this one does what they say,it should work,not real cheap,but less than most. Brady

Here is a link that might be useful: Solar Timer

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