grafting the tip of seedling to its own rootstock ?

sunsetparkerJuly 15, 2014

i watched a video from youtube, and there's a farmer in Taiwan emphasized that grafting also catalyzes aging of the plant, and he did many experiments on seedlings that he cut the tip of the tree, and removed the middle part, and grafted the tip to its own rootstock. And the results came out that the grafted plant bears flowers the next year.

my question is, is that really possible ? has anyone tried this before ?

here is the link, but it's in chinese:

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one more thing, if i wanna to graft my fuyu onto my 1 1/2 year old hachiya persimmon seedling, which grafting method is preferred ?

to increase survival rate, should i do more than 1 grafting ? like one cleft, and one bud ?

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