robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' from softwood

kms4meJuly 21, 2009

My 25' tall 'Frisia' has succumbed to borers, something I knew would most likely happen when I planted it, but I enjoyed the tree for several years and was willing to run the risk.

It has sent lots of vigorous shoots from the base which I am hoping I can propagate from softwood cuttings. When I looked up propagation for this tree, however, I found sites saying it could be done, others that indicated that root cuttings would be better.

I have experience with softwood cuttings, not much to speak of with root cuttings. Any opinions will be appreciated.


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root cuttings are "simple" try roots about the thickness of a pencile.
Couls also try suckers comming from the roots. select those suckers with roots attached

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