newbie with a plumie

hanna84August 20, 2014

Ok so I am totally new at keeping plans alive! I have managed to keep my first plumeria "Piper" alive for about 6months. She already bloomed but the blooms are turning brown and falling off now she is turning yellow. Is she ok?my new plumies I got about 2 months ago are not so hot. They are very floppy :(
I live in south texas and it is very hot and dry here. They are all in pots. They get lots and lots of sun.
Someone please help. What am I doing wrong?
(Also, can I post about my desert rose here?)

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Here's the others

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Droopy :(

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They look dehydrated. Usually in hot places like Texas most people put them in half sun. The sun there is just to hot for them. They are native to South America and the Caribbean and it usually doesn't get in the triple digits regularly. I would put them in less sun. Like 4 to 5 hours a day.


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Thank you very much! I just moved them under the porch! :)
Everyone here has these and I see them thriving and blooming like crazy. When I got my "droopy" ones they were really small and I repotted them right away. Can that have anything to do with it? The nursery had just gotten them in that morning.

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Hi there! I live in Austin so I know the heat you're dealing with! I agree that they needed an area where they get a break from the sun for at least a few hours. Also, I would recommend bigger pots with more soil in them-that light blue one could be raised at least an inch (maybe more?) to reduce the empty top space. The first plant is about big enough for a bigger pot depending on the root mass. Your plants actually look really good, they just look like they needed a break & more water. Good luck & please keep us posted!

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