Need reeducation on Grafting to repair a Topiary

johnmcd348July 21, 2009

I have a large Topiary at my home and I need to graft a limb into an open spot where one of the large branches died off leaving a very large hole. I learned to do this 30 years ago from a plant farmer I worked for as a kid but I was 8 then and only did maybe 4 or 5 citrus trees.

I'm kinda in that area where I remember but I don't remember and would like to relearn how it's done before I do this. There are 3 possible limbs on this tree that I can cut and remove without deforming the existing form so I figure I have at least 2 chances to get it right. The first try would be wonderful.

Is there a website, Youtube video direction, Books I should search for that are recommended?

Thank you.


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a great book is called " the grafters handbook"

youtube has tons of great videos as well.

and last but not least, there may be a class in your area. its always nice when you can see it done in person.

good luck,
Little John

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