Snow Lady shasta daisies and clustered bellflower

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)July 8, 2011

I purchased the above starter plants about 3 yrs. ago from a local garden center/nursery. To begin with I should have planted them closer to the front of the flowerbed according to their proposed height. Neither seem to spread or multiply. I have not deadheaded either so you would think that they would be reseeding. I want to dig them up, divide them and move them more toward the front of the bed. Do I need to let the daisy flowers stay on the plant until they turn brown and dry up? Both finished blooming about 3 weeks ago. Can I deadhead the Snow lady and lay her seed pods in the sun to dry more. It would be nice to have the seed pods so I can pot them up or direct sow now or save for Wintersowing. Would appreciate your gardening advice and experience with these two plants.

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