trumpet vine cuttings, what part is best?

jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)July 6, 2007

I am taking cuttings from a large old orange trumpet vine and haven't had much luck so far. Is it best to take pieces of older stems (vines) or younger green vines. Are the growing tips best, or should I cut from the center of a vine? Should I cut off the flowers but leave a few leafs, or just the cutting without leaves.


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I think it might be easier to just dig out a sucker. I've sowed some seeds, and hopefully they will grow for me!

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I sowed some seeds as well, just Monday. I hope mine grow too. I saw a huge one in a neighborhood yesterday, it looked like a tree it was so big, the stems/branches were so big it looked like a tree trunk. I bought my mom one a few years ago and hers did really well, she moves and had to leave it so I don't know how it is doing now.

Jc if you are able to get a sucker or two dug up, I would send postage for a cutting if you are so inclined.

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goldencreek(zone 5 b)

I would have to agree, a sucker is best, but if you dont have one available then root cuttings. It don't take much of a root. Hope this helps.

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

i take a branch , lay it down, scrape the bottom side with my fingernail, and cover it with dirt and a rock to keep it roots well that way..after it has good roots, just cut it from the mother plant, donna

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