Question on indoor growing.

The_tinmanJuly 16, 2014

I live in a townhouse and have limited growing space. I planted peppers for the first time this year. I decided on a a single trinidad scorpion. I planted it in a a 14-16 inch pot watered it and sat back to see what would happen. I think it is doing ok, but my main question is can I bring it into my apartment this fall so that I can continue to get peppers? I eat salsa every day and I plan on canning some but the way I go thru it I would love to be able to pick and eat year round. Any suggestions?

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

All peppers are perennial given the right temperature. We regularly overwinter plants. But keeping plants productive all year is another question.

Peppers are high energy plants and need good sun to be productive. Down here in the South I can put them out on warm days and they get enough to keep going. But in Indiana you can't do that. You will have to rig some source of artificial light.

Or you can let them go semi-dormant and have a running start for next year. Or perhaps you have a big south facing window...

Spend some time researching overwintering. Lots here.


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Thanks for the information. I only have four windows in the apartment. None of them have a good south face. I was going to set up a grow lamp over the plant to try to stimulate growth. I really do go thru a lot of spice during the week and being able to produce year round would be great. I'll check out resources here also.


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you can grow them at full maturity with an HID fixture.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Yes, you can. Check out various thousands of web sites for marijuana growing resources. What applies to pot also applies to peppers.


Yah, they are both semi-addictive...

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I would NOT bring that pepper indoors. First off, they almost always have aphids and spider mites that are kept in check outdoors by weather and other bugs, but indoors you will almost certainly have an aphid explosion about two weeks after bringing that pepper inside.

The bigger issue is the pot size. That's a great pot for outdoor growing, but unless you are setting up a grow-op indoors with high-intensity lighting, it won't work inside.

You can set up an okay indoor pepper garden with just a couple of inexpensive shop-lights, but they don't throw off much light compared to the sun, so you have to keep the plants an inch or two from the lights. With a big plant, only the topmost part near the light will do okay, the other 90% of the plant will suffer.

What you want to do indoors is plant in small pots, nothing bigger than 6" diameter. That will keep the plants short so most of the plant can be kept fairly close to the lights. Superhots are good choices since many of them like to grow with spreading crowns, unilke say cayennes that prefer to grow tall and skinny.

Here's a Naga I grew in the basement last winter under two sets of shop lights (ie, 4 - T8 bulbs). Thie seed was planted in late July last year, ultimately moved up to a 6" pot, and about 60 peppers were harvested from this plant in mid-February of this year. You could fit at least 4 pots like this under two sets of shop lights, maybe more if you don't mind crowding.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

I know some people have had the problem, but I have overwintered indoors twice now, and in a semi-greenhouse twice more, and never seen a pest explosion. And, no, I didn't pre-treat.

I say he should bring it in and then deal with the results, it any.


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Wow Don, just WOW!

If it works this well for you don't change a thing. As a matter of fact, any other advice greatly appreciated.

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