Cuttings from Eupatorium

wjgaddisJuly 1, 2010

I am a bit of a rookie when it comes to cuttings. In fact, I tried my first cuttings with eupatorium (joe pye weed) and baptisia australis (false or wild blue indigo). This morning they were all wilted and looking pretty bad so I am not sure what I did wrong? Did I just pick plants that don't propagate from cuttings? I followed all the "instructions" out there including preparing the medium (I used potting soil), root hormone, keeping the soil moist but not overly wet, etc.

Any suggestions? Did I try my first cuttings on the wrong plants? If not, how do I keep them from wilting? Or are they suppose to wilt?

Any help would be tremendously apppreciated . . . thanks everyone

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You did not mention misting or tenting your cuttings to prevent moisture loss and wilting. For your first experiments with cuttings try some of the easier plants. How about coleus or penstemon? Al

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I agree with Al....and if you are new to propagating, one well illustrated book you might find helpful is Making More Plants, Ken Druse.

According to Druse, stem cuttings from Eupatorium are most successful when taken in Spring, not Summer.

Then, baptisia - Tony Avent: "Most baptisias root easy in spring when the growth is soft, the success rate drops off to zero as the plants harden. Cuttings should be dipped in a rooting hormone, and then kept in high humidity until they root...usually about 8 weeks."

I sectioned a broken-in-shipping baptisia stem in early June one year, one in three parts rooted - but that was luck, if I'd intentionally planned the cuttings I would prepared them in April or May in my cool zone 8.

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