tenuviel(MD)July 10, 2005

does anyone know if it is possible to root cuttings from patchouli? My plant is really taking off this summer, and I would like to have some patchouli babies. If this is possible, what is the best rooting medium?

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A glass half-filled with sand, then filled with water to the top. Add a couple of drops of fertilizer, and stick the FRESHLY cut stems into the glass almost to the bottom. Place glass in a brightly-lit window with no direct sun. It takes about 4 weeks for the cuttings to root.

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timintexas(z8 E.Tx.)

Just get some high quality potting soil and dampen it. Take your pot and stick multiple 3-4 inch cuttings in it. Just remove the bottom leaves. Now, take this pot and put it under a shrub, or anywhere out of the sun. Water it everyday and you should have roots with in just a couple of weeks. This is a VERY easy plant to propagate! You will notice that it is a bit easier to root older stem sections, down near the crown of the plant. I always just took a single older branch out, all the way down to the soil level and did all my cuttings from that single branch rather than trimming all across the top of the plant.
Just remember that when you stick your cuttings, make sure you have a node (area along stem that a pair of leaves forms) above the soils line. Take most all the leaves off- you can even take ALL the leaves off the cutting. To many leaves will stress the cutting and cause it to die- no roots (yet) to support all the leaf tissue. Good luck (though you won't need it- as I said, SUPER easy plant).

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garrockas(z4 WI)

Thanks alot for the info -- our first patchouli plant isn't doing so hot, but we've managed to keep it alive. It's in a pot, and now outside (it had been inside for months). It's familiar aroma has been absent until this very evening, and now that I've smelled it fresh, I NEED IT EVERYWHERE!

So propogation was tonights mission, and thanks to you, it appears to be a successful one! THANKS ALOT!

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katbow7(z5 indiana)

I was just wondering where to find a patchouli plant I would love to have one. Diane

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pony65(Zone 5)

I purchased patchouli from Logee's, and I am VERY pleased with their stock and method of shipping. They send healthy plants in 2.5" pots, carefully wrapped in paper and then boxed with plenty of compostable padding. They get my vote for GREAT mail order service and friendly, helpful staff!


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My Patchouli plant has been up and down..very temperamental...I did however root it in rock wool!! best medium to propagate by far..however my mother plant is alway tough...I tried to re-pot several times and does not like room...I think pot bound is where it wants to be...also likes acid....Acid loving MG with chelite seems to help

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My patchouli plant is just the hates being pot bound...the bigger the pot the better it grows.
I had almost killed it off in a pot I thought would be the perfect size for it.....then I moved it into a gallon pot, and it seemed to overnight come back to life with a vengance.

I bought my plant from Peppers

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