JJ Typhoon AKA Maggie

gidgetsocalAugust 7, 2014

My Maggie turned 9 today! Right above her head you can see JJs Typhoon AKA Maggie.

I found out Maggie had cancer right before JJs Open House. I hoped to find this plumeria for my gorgeous girl. I was fortunate to find a blooming plant with 5 tips.

A beautiful plumeria for my beautiful girl!

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Here is a close up...The colors were more intense a few weeks ago when this was taken.

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ahh I am very sorry to hear that... I just lost my Maggie a month or two ago. Had her since she was a pup and she was 11 when we lost her. Still kills me to this day and not sure if I will ever be the same without her. Your Maggie looks like a sweetheart and enjoy your time with her!

Love your typhoon as well!

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Thank you, texasplum. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Dogs are very special, and I know my Maggie will be in my heart always. I plan on enjoying every minute with her and hope for as much time as possible.

Thanks again, and have a wonderful evening!

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Andrew Scott

So sorry for your loss texans plum. Fidget, she is a pretty dog, and I hope you have a lot of time to spend with her :) Dogs certainly have sweet souls, and I have to agree the Typhoon flower is the perfect compliment to your Maggie!


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Thank you both.


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Thank you, Andrew!

Wishing you both a wonderful weekend!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Gidgetsocal!!!

Love the Typhoon.. It's one that I had on hand and I put it back. Argh. John is holding one for me. I really regretted buying it.

I. So sorry to hear of your Maggie... It is so hard and sad for everyone!!!

I hope you enjoy as much time as you can..

Shane.. I. Sorry of your loss as well. We all love our animals and we think of them as our children. Sometime. Ore so.. ;-).

When I had to put my little " Pepper " down because he broke his neck on the stairs, we kept him alive for a few more days.. My hubby thought something would help. I had to help him agree that letti g him go was the best thing.

Here is a little something that helped me greatly from. A dear friend. I look at this and I will share to my friends as needed.. May it give you some comfort...
Have a good night to you both!!



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Hi Laura!

Thank you so much for your words of kindness and for sharing "A Dog's Plea." I just balled when I read it and found comfort in its message. I really appreciate you sharing it with me.

I am so so sorry about your Pepper. I understand how difficult that was and I feel your pain. I had to put down my Kona many years ago. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

On a positive note, the vet removed the tumors and had clean margins. We have to watch her very carefully, but I am hopeful. To look at her, you'd never know. She is always so happy. Nine years old and bouncy - that's a lab for you!

Maggie says mahalo and good night for your concern and positive thoughts.

A wonderful evening to you ~


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thank you Mrs. Laura....brought tears to my eyes.

Glad to hear Maggie is doing good and hope it stays that way!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I can't help but tear up ever time I read this.. It will always be fresh, always...

Maggie is so cute, I love the picture!! Lol.. What a cutie!! Looks so comfortable and loving.. So glad to hear that her test came back looking good!! That is wonderful news!!

Thank you. For the sweet message.. There is nothing better than a dogs kind heart. I do miss my Pepper, but one day I will rescue another dog this time from a shelter. When the time is right, I will choose...

Shane.. I can't hardly see to type this. I'm the same way... It is hard, but they had good loving homes!!

I say that tomorrow is " Maggie's Day". In honor of Maggie, lets all give our animals that we love a special treat!! ;-)

Here is a pic of my son and his lab.. Her name is Savannah!! She is the best and I love her dearly!! She will be thrilled to know its " Maggie's Day". An extra bone for another lab!! ;-)

Have a wonderful night!!



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Okay. Somebody pinch me right now because I think I'm dreaming. Are you kidding me? Maggie says is this real?
Maggie's Day?!!! Special treats, as well? This is too good to be true! Tail is wagging here!! Swooosh, swooosh, swoosh!!! :-)

Your son and Savannah are precious! They look like they are having the best time! Savannah is absolutely gorgeous! I love how she is posing for the camera. So cute I can't stand it!

Nine years ago, Maggie was left at a shelter when she was only 7 months. I will never forget that day - changed my life. When the time is right, you will choose⦠:-)

Pepper was the luckiest dog in the world to have you for her mom! Truly special when the owner's heart is as big as the dog's!

Overwhelmed by your kindness! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Maggie sends her x's and o's.

Smiles :-)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

It is my pleasure. To see you happy, Wendi and Maggie!!!

Swoosh... Love it!!!

Chomp, chomp. Give them more.. LMAO!!!

Have a great night!!!

I'll be back tomorrow to post on Maggie's Thread.., its late.




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