propagating juniper for garden

ebeth276(5a)July 20, 2007

I am in the Hudson Valley region of NY. Our weather right now is muggy for the most part, and we have at least another 6 weeks of the higher temps (60 degree plus)hopefully, through the night. There is a large field in back of our house, for years (we have a new home, but it is right in the same neighborhood we have been in for 16 years)I have visited a favorite juniper back there for clipping it to decorate for the holidays. This has resulted in a very healthy tree, a juniper with masses of little blue berries. There is development going on in the field, yesterday they took down this tree, :( . I looked up on line really quick how to propagate juniper, took the instructions for Rocky Mt J and went down with my hubby and took 3 cuttings, one the top of the tree, and 2 more where I cut in to the main core (all I can think of is stalk, a sometimers moment) to grab a heal of old growth with the cutting. We soaked these while I prepared the soil, simple canadian garden soil and starter 'jiffy' mix in a huge container. I poured powder rooting hormone in to a bowl, rubbed the cut end through it and put some powder on the next 'new' branchlet up from cutting and covered with the soil mixture. I do not know what kind of Juniper this is and I am hoping I took the right steps and that it roots for me. Any further suggestions?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The 'huge' container sounds worrisome to me. Small vegetative cuttings should be inserted into a small propagation unit. Just deep enough to accommodate the cuttings. The medium should be very porous and coarse. I've used pure perlite, coarse sand, and my bonsai mix (which is extremely porous), each with success.

Junipers are notoriously VERY difficult to root. I've had best success with junipers in the winter, from hardwood cuttings.

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Thank you for your advice! Everything I read about propagating juniper did suggest that winter was the best time, too bad they took down the tree during the hot months. Maybe I should separate these cuttings in to separate smaller containers? I SO hope there is a little gardening miracle and that they DO root! It was such a beautiful tree.
Have a great day.

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