Taco night

woohoomanJuly 13, 2014

Having tacos tonight so gotta make a small batch of my fire roasted salsa.

Everything came from the garden but the onion, Mexican oregano and garlic(not in pic).

White onion
Mexican oregano
Chiles de Arboles and Guajillos(dried from last year)
Salt and pepper to taste

Everything get fire roasted or toasted except for the herbs,lime, and seasoning.



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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Very cool Kevin! Enjoy with some brewskies :-)


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ok Kevin, so why aren't you growing onions and oregano? Although, I think onions are a lot of work when they don't really taste any different than store bought (I got a bunch drying in the garage right now). and, oregano is extremely invasive, but if you put it in a pot, it should stay contained.

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Hit the nail on the head Stoney!

Pam: I grow onions. But this past crop were all small. I think it's because I took a chance by planting them in a pretty shady spot last October and they just never got good growth as the sun got even worse as winter approached. Live and learn. It's always a quandary with them. I'm supposed to get them in the ground in Sept/Oct, but my good spaces are always being taken up with my summer veggies still.

Oregano, well.. I like the Mexican stuff for one. Two, I hate starting a lot of herbs from seed because they take so damn long. So, if I have my choice, I buy starts. Which leads me to three-- I haven't found a start for the Mexican oregano anywhere. And 4.. I get a bag like that in the pic for 3 bucks.

I grow SOME herbs... Rosemary, French Thyme, Cilantro, Parsley, and sometimes Basil. If I had more space, I'd have a ton going all the time. That reminds me... my potted Thyme took a crap. need to pick up another one.


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FYI, Mexican Oregano is easy to grow 'cause it likes abuse. It also flowers continually. Great bee and humming bird attractant.
I buy the bagged stuff too, 'cause it's cheap and easier than pickin' the damn leaves off... ;-)

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

No picture of the final product, Kevin ?

I like salsa (maters + Japs, + other pepps + cilantro + Onions + fresh cucumbers, Salt, lime juice, olive oil. ). That is a cool summer version.

HERBS: I grow the annuals (basil, dill, cilantro) and parsley from seeds, by direct sowing. Rosemary is grown like shrubs everywhere around here and I am not a big fan it. Oregano , sage and thyme, are my must have herbs. I get them as plants :Greek oregano and German Thyme. They are a must on pasta dishes for me. Another favorite herb of mine is summer savory. It can be substituted for thyme/oregano or used along with them.

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Do your summer veges peter out in the fall/winter, Kevin? if so, plant the onions mixed in with them. This year I ran out of room for my peppers, so I planted them mixed in with my onions. I just pulled my onions a few days ago and the pepper plants are doing great. seems like it was a good combo.

My sage took a hard hit from the winter we had a couple of years ago. It's still alive, but it's barely holding on.


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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Those Georgia Sweet onion sets at HD are fast growing and super good!
Put some on pizza, spaghetti, hot dogs.
Little smaller than a baseball but good!

I'll try a larger variety next season.


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Seysonn: what? You want a pic of me wiping it off my chin? :)

Tom: exactly!

Pam: Not unless that damn Tomato Suck Bug takes them out. Funny that you mention planting amongst them. If I get enough annuums early, I might just pull them and put the onion there this year. I won't ever grow the WHITE ones though. I just don't use them enough. I like the stronger Brown(yellow) and Red ones a lot.

Stoney: the reason I don't do sets is size. Yes, mine came out small. But that was MY fault due to my planting them in too much shade.


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