Rooting hormone

AuntBarbieJuly 18, 2013

Does anyone know if rooting hormone can change color, leaf shape, etc. of cuttings? The new growth on multiple coleus cuttings came in more or less a muddy purple with pinpoints of color here and there. The leaf shape was nearly round and mildly scalloped. Pinched hard after eight or ten leaves and the resultant growth was very pleasing but totally different from both the original and secondary growth. Has anyone else had this experience?

Thanks for your thoughts...I've found this quite perplexing.

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The rooting hormone will NOT cause any of thechanges you mentioned.
The only thing I can think of that will is a tip application of colchine disolved inwater or alcohol.

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Juvenile foliage for many plants is quite different from the mature growth. Al

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madrone(VancIsl BC)

The only thing I have noticed is that too much will cause the cutting to form a callus, and not root. Does anyone know if it has a limited shelf life?

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Thanks for the input. I've used rooting hormone before but never had this happen. I've more or less decided that its just the quirkiness of some coleus.
There's no "use by" date on the jar (bought new this spring) so I would assume its good indefinitely.

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To keep your rooting hormone fresh, don't dip your cutting directly into the container. Instead, pour some in a small container and use it to dip your cuttings.

You avoid contamination and fungi problems .

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I have a few hundred pachysandra plants I dug and need to pot up, to be planted elsewhere later. Some have good roots, many do not. I'm wondering if dipping all in rooting hormone (liquid) is safe, or will it injure existing roots? Is it a moot point, as new roots will be created anyway?

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