Miracle Fruit

bierzJuly 5, 2010

I had a very nice 2' miracle fruit plant on my balcony, and a squirrel chewed right through the stem and left me with a stump. I actually found the top part of the plant on the ground below the balcony, so I have a potted "stump" as well as a decent size cutting.

I'm new to propagation; can I save this plant in any way? This is a very slow growing plant, but hopefully it can be rooted some how. I appreciate any and all advice.


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I have only had luck propagating this plant from seed. do not know if any buds (on the stump survived) will form a new trunk. give it 30 days Keep the soil damp not wet & hope.

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As tough as these plants are to come by, I'd try my best to use some method to root the top section, or several pieces of the top section, (2 -liter soda bottle or other hardwood, semi-hardwood propagation method). I'd also find a way to terminate that squirrel

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i've never heared of "Miracle fruit"- why is the plant called like that? can it grow anywhere? what does it look like?
i've been having trouble with my garden lately and decided to change most of the plants- maybe i will try something new this time!

Here is a link that might be useful: ×ש×××× ×¤×¨×××

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