propagation of jasmine plants from cuttings

indu_modaliJuly 28, 2010

I have been unsuccessfully trying to propagate my jasmine plants. If any one knows how to do it, I would be very happy to use their knowledge. I tried to put in water; put roottone and planted them in loose wet soil etc. So far no success. Pl help. Thank you...Indu Modali

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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

Indu: Basically what you are doing is good...but might I say that my success with Jasmine cuttings has always involved putting a plastic bag over the potted cutting to keep in the moisture, and misting daily. Hope this is the key to your success. Ross.

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izzym999(USDA zone 10)

I have had some success rooting jasmine in a pot of compost sealed inside a plastic bag, but they are susceptible to mould so should probably be exposed to air, else given less water to start off with. However this is the only method that has so for worked at all for me.

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Yes covering the plant with plastic bag with little open worked for me. But I did a mistake of adding fertilizer to such a small plant with 2-3 emerging leaves.

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Rooting in plain water has worked for me. Take off most of the leaves from the cutting, leaving the top three or four. Put in water. Leave it alone. Just keep refilling the water when the levels get low or if turning cloudy(mine never turned cloudy). I had to wait almost 2-3 months before I saw a root emerge. This was over winter, so maybe cool temps may have taken longer.. But once the root comes out it grows pretty fast. After 2 inches of root is visible, you can pot it. From start to finish - 4 months or faster.

I did not cover it with anything, I had tried the rooting hormone-potting soil method with the cover, it just got moldy inside...with the water method I can see whats going on inside..I am a believer coz it worked for me.

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