Does anyone have Lillian Chinn?

moonie_57August 28, 2012

Matt had it on ebay last week. The shape and colors of the flower were awesome! I must have gone to look at it a dozen times, and pondered over bidding on it but felt like I have enough rooting cuttings to deal with this coming winter.

I just went to look at the photo again and it's gone. Even searched the internet for another pic and came up with nothing.

I'm finding that the petal shapes of flowers are really want does it for me! LOL

What do you guys notice first about a flower? Color or shape? How often do you catch a scent before you see the bloom?

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And for anyone interested enough to go look....
On Bill's thread "Some flowers", scroll down to his pic of Mango Blush. Note the flower in the center and the one all the way to the left. What would you call that petal shape? I find that very attractive. Lillian Chinn was very similar in shape.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Hi Mona,

I saw JL Lillian K T Chinn plumeria in person so is that the same as what you're talking about? It's a beautiful plant with beautiful flowers. However, I just feel like I have so many pink flowers and right now I'm into red. Additionally, her scent while was very pleasant, it was on the softer side to me. So it didn't scream "Take Me Home!". Plus it was very tall and lanky so I passed. :)

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