sybilkrizinski(5)July 21, 2008

What is the easiest way to propigate echinacea? Thanks, Sybil

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reba_nc(z 7)

Seed. They hate to have their roots messed with. If you want some check out my page and e-mail me.

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If your plant is a seed variety, it's easy to plant seeds. However, if you have one of the newer varieties which don't come true from seed, you'll need to perform basal cuttings or division.

I can give you more details if you'd like. I root my cuttings in Jiffy Seed Starting mix. I'm experimenting with Vermiculite and it seems to work great. I use a rooting hormone product called "Clonex." I root them in peat pots. I think they are the 3 inch size. You'll need to put your baby plantlet in a plastic enclosure to keep the humdidity up and give it light. A cheap plastic tote at Wal-mart works great. Get the ones that are almost clear or frosted. A shop light works fine for the rooting phase. You can leave it on 24 hours a day with no problems. I hope this helps! I've written more detailed instructions before. Search and they'll come up. E-mail me if you need help.

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