Black Mulberry How-To?

clasherJuly 6, 2008

Hi all.

I have a great mulberry tree I've been picking along a trail, and I'd like to propagate some cuttings in large pots for now, and eventually to plant. I'm aware of the weedy nature of the trees, and we're cool with that.

I picked up a branch that had been knocked off in a storm that evening and took it home, cut it clean and put it in water for a few days, then I dusted it with rooting hormone (0.8 IBA) and put it in potting mix. I'm not sure if it will take or not.

My question is what is the ideal method (and time of year) to take half a dozen cuttings from this tree, and how do I root them so I could have small trees to share next spring/summer?

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I'd try to air layer it. It's the best way in my opinion to root shrubs or trees.

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I'll give that a try, and will have to hide it well as it's on a busy trail, I wouldn't want someone to ruin it or steal my cutting!

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