Cutting sod into plugs OK?

greenguppyJuly 25, 2008

Im new at this... so please be patient...

I will be using a female cultivar of Buffalo grass for my new lawn. I prepared my soil elevation for seeding and can't afford full sod job anyway. I brought in several inches of new topsoil, "many" cubic feet of peat moss and soil ammendments, and a few pounds of water-wise additives. This has all been rototilled into the top 4 " of the existing clay soil.

Now I plan to install plugs of Legacy buffalo grass every 16". There is a local sod nursery with the Legacy variety and I was thinking of dividing their turf into smaller sections to use as the plugs to get started.

Is there any reason I cannot do this? Any special methods used to grow the online suppliers plugs that would stop me from cutting my own plugs from sod?

Also wondering if there are suggestions on how to treat my cuttings (right word ?), to encourage a strong start for my new lawn. I already have a lawn starter fertilizer I could add to my ammended soil... or perhaps it would be good to dip the new plugs in a starter solution?

Your help and input would be appreciated... Gup

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The Utah sod farm no longer grows Buffalo grass - seems its not available here. So cutting my own plugs is a mute issue. Will be purchasing online, and relying on my soil prep to encourage strong early development. Thanks for input.... G

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

We laid a small area of buffalo grass in our Native Plant Garden, as it is a Texas native. We have been astonished at the growth of this grass, and the beauty! It is gorgeous!

I am not sure what variety we have, but it has long runners. I am harvesting those runners and planting them along the back edge of my pond, as I want a grass embankment, to look more natural.

I am not familiar with conditions in Salt Lake City, Utah, but I would go easy on any additional fertilizer, if it were mine. We added nothing to ours, and the growth has been fantastic!

Good Luck!


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