canyonwind(9)May 2, 2009

I was recently in the Adopt a Newbie swap with ashcraftbunch. She was the newbie and as required, did send her package first. I problem!

However, PLEASE BE AWARE that ashcraftbunch was previously on GW under the name pamperedavonchefof3

I would suggest reading the rate and reviews on

pamperedavonchefof3 prior to exchanging, swapping or trading with ashcraftbunch as they are one in the same.

Thanks much!

Annie (canyonwind)

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Today Jamie was banned from all present and future swaps with the MNF group, and we heartily recommend that she NOT be allowed to trade or swap with anyone again. If you would like to see the posting I just made as the current MNF swap host, please go to the thread listed below.

Thanks Annie for the heads up! It would have been a miserable swap without it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jamie Ashcroft should not be allowed to trade or swap any more.

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Jamie has sent and I have received, the make up box for the MNF Group. The box was to clear her failure to send in the April 2008 After Dark swap which I hosted when she was using the ID pamperedevanchiefof3. That obligation has been cleared and she is now able to join MNF swaps within the conditions that were set for her by the MNF group.


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I was the hostess for the June MNF swap (June Bugs).
Jaime joined in under the stipulation that she would have to send to her partner FIRST.
After a few posts and ONE email to her partner, Jaime went MIA.
As of this posting, no one has heard from Jaime, and she HAS NOT fulfilled her obligations of this month's swap. color>

I would be VERY cautious in trading with her, as this definitely seems to be a pattern.


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I was to be Jamie's "coach" in re-integrating her into the MNF group. We had a couple of lengthy chats online in which she promised to fulfill her end of a trade first for the next 4-out-of-6 months, stated that she wanted to desparately show that she'd changed her ways, and was willing to do whatever it took to obtain a good reputation here on the Garden Web. She then joined in on the June MNF swap, but went MIA after making a few posts and sending an e-mail to her swap partner, knowing that if she did not fulfill her obligations she would be banned from any further MNF swaps.
She has not fulfilled her obligations, or e-mailed me letting me know why she was unable to do so, which she was supposed to do according to our agreement.

I would not recommend trading with her for whatever reason, under any circumstances. She has shown herself to be completely un-trustworthy. Jamie has shown that the only thing she can be counted on to do is to break trust with anyone she trades with. If you trade with Jamie, do not plan on getting anything back from her.

Also, please be warned that Jamie has traded under various Garden Web names in her attempts to swindle her trading partners. Jamie has the following to say about herself...

"Hello I am a mom of 3 active children. We live in a small town. we are just starting off witht he gardening thing flowers have been with me since childhood. I have 3 huge beds started and1/2 acre garden. 2 full sun beds and one shade or1/2 shade. I grow anythig really as long as it is not too posionus for the kids or animals. we have dogs and birds we are looking for chicks and rabbits at the moment for the kids.. I think I want banny chickens. I love hummingbirds and birds in general but my DH tends to the feeders they kinda have became his thing. We are trying to attract differnt birds to view. I love daylilies and dahlias and would love to start peonies. I love roses they bring back fond memories of my great grandmother house in arkansas. Wish I could grow them any hints? Please feel free toa sk anything I don't mind. we are new so any advice is helpful..Happy Gardening:)

I live in: United States My zone is: 8

My birthday is on June 10."

If any of that sounds like the person you are thinking of trading with, either do not go through with the trade, or make sure she sends you her end of the trade first, and hope for the best.


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