silver maple cuttings

timmahJuly 31, 2006

Im working on propagating a Northline maple. Its been 100 degrees here in minnesota for a few days, but im keeping them nice and fogged so hopefully theyll live through it. I took the cuttings late (one week ago) and i was wondering what should be done for overwintering them? I have small 3" pots to put each one in once theyve rooted. Is it common practice to transfer to a peat mix media after decent rooting has occured? How should i over winter them? thanks for any help.


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Why don't you start over in the spring and not worry about overwintering the cuttings? They are not going to thrive over the winter, no matter what you do.

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Actually, while doing research on these cuttings, I learned that they should be done in late june/early july. I did them in later july, so im not that far off of the mark. They still have a few months to develop a root system in the sand and possibly in the media mix if i decide that is the route to go. Would it make sence to just plant them in the ground after a decent root zone has been established and hope for the best over the winter? or take more drastic steps to ensure their survival?

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Your first freeze comes awfully early that far north. Do you have any way to keep them indoors over your long winter?
If you took a number of cuttings, what if you planted half in the ground and tried keeping the other half alive indoors until planting time in the spring? I think it is important that they go in a good potting mix or into the ground as soon as possible. Sand is acceptable for rooting, but it is a poor medium for growing, even with supplemental fertilization.

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