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speckuldtrout(8)December 28, 2004

Is there an online catalog with large plant tables? There are some for sale at a nursery that closed here (thanks Walmart!) and he is asking $40 each. Is that a good price? They are about 3 ft. x 7 ft. with metal bases that need repainting, and wooden slat tops. They seem sturdy, but need some work. I'm thinking of buying several, but don't have a clue as to what a reasonable price is.


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deeproots(8b South Ga)

seems like alot...
figure some 2x4's, metal fencing and concrete blocks aren't that expensive.

Course I also can't visualize exactly how much of the table is metal.

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The metal is not fencing, rather metal posts that cross in x's for legs.

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moreilly(Z5 Indianapolis)

(thanks Walmart!) and he is asking $40 each. Is that a good price?
Should we laugh with the devil or cry with the saints?
cut and paste option in edit (damn computers)
Bought mine at Best Buy. Where did you get yours?
oops! forgot about the little guy---again.
sorry, my fault---again
Want to here something funny? They used to have gas wars at the filling stations.Who could go the lowest.
Don't worry Walmart will disapear about the same time we get so poor that we have to grow our own food
And the little green houses will come back then.
I probably will be to busy growing dinner to be on line So life will realy be good for both of us then
I think I'll Make my garden bigger this year and put the screws to Walmart just for fun
I wonder if the nursery thats going out of business wants to give me a deal on seeds so I can really stick Walmart
Just a thought.

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moreilly of Indianapolis says, "Don't worry Walmart will disapear about the same time we get so poor that we have to grow our own food
And the little green houses will come back then."

Made me laugh moreilly. But, I have had the same thoughts myself.
Wonder where I can find a nursery going out of business or retiring. I really think we might have to grow our food in the next decade.
I have a small yard that is mostly cement block. So, I have to do container gardening. Fun! But, wont be fun when we "have to grow our own food." Already I am getting too old to bend down.
I am searching for a way to 'raise' my containers without a lot of "hooplah."
The Irish seem to have some ideas! see link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Planning a Vegetable Garden? How to Make a Vegetable Garden.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Check out farmtek dot com. They have all kinds of tables, can give you a feel for them.

Nursery I used to work at used pallets on cinderblocks. Worked pretty well, except when the flats would snag on the rough wood or staples.

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upnortdareh(Zone 4)

2x4s, wooden snow fence and cinder blocks instant 50' of bench or how ever big you want it. Just a thought --Upnortdareh

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ohhhh the plants from sun dried goji berries, yes its true!! i just couldn't get mine past a certain stage!! LOL
i'm gonna use the 2 x4's and cinder blocks. seems kinda cool. but i want to go to the dump and get them shelves from the fridges and use them inside of the 2 x 4's. so any soil will fall down to the ground. :'))

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hitexplanter(8 a)

I helped start a garden center that had no outside tables in the retail area so I quickly desgned a simple system of 2x6x10 wood 2 wide layed on 2 hole cinder block in a pyramid style. It made a total of 5 display benches for 4 inch and 6 pack flats that now 3 seasons later have needed little modification other than the warped board which is layed out in a reuse stack and weight place on it and in a year or so is recyled if needed. It can work for 1 gallon and tubs but during windy days cause problems. The advatanges are the water stays under the bench more and the plants are not stacked on top of each other and getting the lower layers too wet as many big boxes seem to use (trying to cram too many plants in too small of a space and creating all kind of cultural problems). Tables are good for certain items but a stacked approach is more efficient use of display space in my opinion. I guess it is all about the use and space requirements for the given crop will define the most effective system for the situation. Good Luck and....
Happy Planting David

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

One cheap way to make tables:
Used drums and pallets. If you fill the drums with water
they will help moderate the temperatures.

Drum + pallet isn't bad working height. A standard pallet
is 42x48 inches, but there are a lot of unstandard ones.
21 inches is close to a standard flat.

Downsides of this system.

1. It's ugly and it's mother dresses it funny. Lots of chances for splinters. Lot of sins can be covered with
black plastic and/or a coat of paint.

2. If the green house averages below freezing for an
extended period of time, the barrels will freeze and break.
In zone 3b my 5 gallon pails don't break in my small leaky

3. If you need to move stuff to sterilize, this is a royal
pain. Lots of cracks for bugs, spores, eggs, etc.

4. Drums can be hard to find. Be careful of what was in them. It can be messy, toxic or both. Industrial bakeries
are a good source -- they get lots of food grade fillings in large drums.

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